The Marvel Universe now has its own search engine

If neither Cerebro nor the Eye of Agamatto can provide the information you're looking for, it's time to turn to iMarvel.

It's the unofficial Marvel comics search engine created by developer Filix Mogilevsky using the open application program interface introduced by the company last year.

Users can search iMarvel by either comic title or character, with the engine returning preview pages, cover images, solicitation text, creator credits and brief biographies of heroes, villains and supporting players. The entries also provide links to Marvel.com to find additional information or to purchase specific digital comics.

The engine is, however, somewhat limited by Marvel's digital library, meaning if you're looking for information about one of this week's releases, you're out of luck. However, you can delve deep into the publisher's past (for instance, a search for 1941's Captain America Comics #1 returns with some preview art).

(via The Next Web)

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