The Many Marriages of Batman


DC Comics shocked the world with this week's issue of Batman, where Batman proposes marriage to Catwoman. While we don't know if this proposal will lead to a wedding, it's interesting to note that Batman has had a surprisingly large amount of weddings over the years in the comics. Read on to see the many marriages of Batman!

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The first time Batman almost got married in a comic came in Batman #79's "Bride of Batman!" by David Vern, Dick Sprang and Charles Paris. First off, it's nice to see that the crooks of Gotham City don't think that Batman's into women....

A Shah visiting Gotham City on a diplomatic visit decided that he had to marry Vicki Vale. The only way she could turn him down and not screw over the United States' diplomacy with the Shah's country was to explain that she was actually already engaged - to Batman! Batman agreed to go along with the ruse for the good of the country, but then a rival of Vicki pushed matters by announcing a wedding date! Luckily, Batman got around it by having Bruce Wayne drop a piece of info to the rival journalist that Batman would insist on Vicki getting plastic surgery so that she could go into hiding once married to Batman (so as to not be a target of crooks as the wife of Batman). The Shah objected to the beautiful Vicki getting her looks changed and the wedding was called off (luckily, the Shah won't marry someone who was betrothed to someone else).

After Batwoman was introduced to the pages of Batman, it was only a matter of time before the writers came up with a story where Batman and Batwoman got married and thus, in Batman #122's "The Marriage of Batman and Batwoman," Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff and Ray Burnley, that's exactly what happened.

Of course, the story did not actually happen, as the whole thing was just a dream by Robin while he was worrying over what would happen if Batman married Batwoman.

Another person who wondered what would happen if Batman married Batwoman was Batman's butler, Alfred, who wrote a fictional future where Batman and Batwoman married and had a child (who took over as the new Robin as Dick Grayson became the second Batman) in Batman #131 (by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff)...

Those stories proved popular enough that they had Alfred continue the stories in future issues (the Joker II was a particularly fun character).

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In Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #59 (art by Curt Swan and George Klein), Superman asked Batman to keep an eye on Lois Lane while Superman was away on a mission and Lois got it into her head that Bruce Wayne was secretly Superman himself! When Superman discovered that she thought Bruce was Superman and that she was going to try to marry Bruce (dude, it's super creepy that you were just spying on Lois like that), he and Bruce decided to pull a cruel prank on Lois by having Bruce agree to marry her, only for Superman to show up at the wedding!

30 issues later, Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #89 (by Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan and Mike Esposito) had Bruce Wayne and Lois get married for real (an imaginary story, of course, but still!)...

Superman was super jealous of their relationship, especially how Lois married Bruce Wayne before learning that he was secretly Batman.

The most prominent marriage for Batman was the Earth-2 wedding between the Batman and Catwoman of that world, which we first saw in DC Super Stars #17 (by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton and Bob Layton)...

This marriage famously led to their daughter, Helena Wayne, becoming a superhero in her own right when her mother, Catwoman, was killed. Helena became the hero known as the Huntress (after Crisis on Infinite Earths eliminated Earth-2 from DC continuity, the Huntress became Helena Bertinelli, a daughter of the mob who decided to become a hero in a split from her family - after the New 52, Huntress became Helena Wayne once again).

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In a little-known issue of DC Special Series #15 (by Denny O'Neil, Michael Golden and Dick Giordano), Ra's Al Ghul married Batman to his daughter, Talia...

The marriage was generally ignored until the 1987 graphic novel Son of the Demon (by Mike W. Barr and Jerry Bingham), where Batman and Talia consummate their marriage.

Talia gets pregnant but then fakes a miscarriage after seeing that his concern for her and their unborn child was getting in the way of Batman's mission (which was to stop a former disciple of Ra's Al Ghul who had killed Talia's mother years earlier). The marriage was the annulled.

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In the adorable All-New Batman Brave and the Bold #4 (by Sholly Fisch, Rick Burchett and Dan Davis), there is the delightfully titled "Bride and the Bold"...

In that story, Eros decides that Wonder Woman is too interested in violence instead of love, so he casts a spell to make her fall in love with Batman and for Batman to fall in love with Wonder Woman...

They hold a giant wedding and, naturally, a bunch of villains show up to crash the event. In the end, it was revealed that Batman and Wonder Woman had been faking the spell (after initially falling prey to it), as they figured that they might as well hold the wedding in the hopes that it would attract a bunch of villains to attack it (hey, don't make fun, that's exactly what happened, right? Don't question Batman's plans!). How did they break out of the spell? Wonder Woman was broken out of it when Batman used her lasso of truth on her, but he broke out of it when he realized that he couldn't marry her because he is devoted to another woman...Lady Justice! However, Superman and Robin wonder if it wasn't that he is really in love with Catwoman.

That brings us full circle to this week's proposal! Will it go better than most of these? Only time will tell!

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