The Man of Steel, Spider-Man 4, G.I. Joe: October 31st Comic Reel


Possibly out of a job (and a pair of blue tights), actor Brandon Routh talked to IESB about a "darker" Kryptonian vision. "I don't think the character necessarily has to be darker, I think he is kind of dark in a sense, emotional dark, in 'Superman Returns,' and the movie as a whole was slightly dark, they could have had more prowess in it I suppose, and I think that's one thing that can be done in the sequel, so I don't know how much darker you want to make it necessarily. You make the stakes higher, you make the villain darker, I think that's a way to do it. But I don't think Superman himself needs to be darker. He definitely has to struggle, how does Superman be a part of the world? And does he have to make sacrifices to be a part of that world? To fit in and what purpose does he really play in the world? Those are all kind of dark places to explore. But, I don't think Superman should ever be dark and brooding, that's not is nature. And that's now what people what to see. Like Brainiac or something like that, a situation when the villain is."

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According to the Hollywood Reporter,Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Dave Lindsay-Abaire, who won a Pulitzer in 2007 for his drama "Rabbit Hole," is in final negotiations to write "Spider-Man 4" for Columbia.

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IESB noted that a custom Buell motorcycle will not be used to ferry Snake Eyes around in the movie, despite another site claiming such a thing.

Release date: Summer 2009.


Remember that rumor that Earth's Mightiest Heroes will square off against Ed Norton's emerald giant? IESB says "nuh uh" while quoting an announcement from the studio that goes like this: "'THE AVENGERS' will bring together the super hero team of Marvel Comics characters for the first time ever, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and more, as they are forced to band together to battle the biggest foe they’ve ever faced."

July 15th, 2011.


CBR News has a a video interview with screenwriter Justin Marks.

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Have a good one if you're celebrating Samhein or dia de los muertos.

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