The Man of Steel, Dragonball, Daredevil 2: October 6th Comic Reel


Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh may be out the door, but the Belfast Telegram is reporting that actor Kevin Spacey will be back as Lex Luthor.


Mmm, new teaser up at DBTheMovie.com.


IESB talked to Fox head honcho Tom Rothman about an Affleck-less return to the big screen for Matt Murdock. "A 'Daredevil,' to use your words, reboot, is something we are thinking very seriously about," Rothman said. "We've got all the rights. And yes, I think that the thing the 'Hulk' showed although, it did what it did, is that it is possible, that if you really do it right the audience will give you a second chance. That it is possible. And I think that you see that when they did 'Batman Begins,' the first Nolan movie, that you can have made some mistakes along the way or movies that the audience wasn't that crazy about and then given the proper amount of time and the right creative vision behind it, you can, to use your word, reboot ... it needs a visionary at the level that Chris Nolan was. It needs someone, it needs a director, honestly, who has a genuine vision. What we wouldn't do is just do it for the sake of doing it. Right? What we try to do is to get a creative engine for it, that really had a great vision for it, that's what we would look for."


CBR News has a preview of a set visit to the Mark Millar-minded movie.


Actor Matthew Goode spoke to the BBC about playing the world's smartest man. "I have some classic outfits. I look like David Bowie half the time with a big blonde wig and I have a supersuit -- Batman-esque with all the muscles and it's deeply uncomfortable to wear, but hilarious fun," Goode said. "There's not so much research you can do because it's set in this alternative reality, but it's so dense and it's the graphic novel of all graphic novels, so you've just got constantly keep going back to the novel itself."


There's new stuff over at Kryptonsite, including the official network description of the October 16th episode, "Prey." They also have screen captures from this week's episode, "Instinct."


Toon Zone has a set visit from the Neil Gaiman-conceived stop-motion film.


On this day, back in 2003, the Comic Reel (then the "Comic Reel Wrap" as the whole TV/movie area of the site was called "The Comic Reel") made its debut on CBR, following in the footsteps of the illustrious and praiseworthy Rob Worley. It's still crazy after all these years ... but starting tomorrow, things will happen in a new way. There's not a lot of things on line that've been in the game this long and this consistently (sick days and/or fill ins in all five years: zero). So the game has to see some changes for the better, living in the future as we are. Brace yourself.

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