Lev Grossman's The Magicians Expands to Comics At BOOM! Studios

The Magicians: Alice's Story

After thrilling fans in both prose novels and television, The Magicians is being adapted into comic books.

The popular young adult fantasy series created by author Lev Grossman is having its first novel adapted and expanded in an original graphic novel, The Magicians: Alice's Story, written by Lilah Sturges and illustrated by Pius Bak this July by BOOM! Studios.

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Retelling the events of the first novel from Alice Quinn's perspective, the story follows the young magical prodigy as she enrolls in Brakebills University and discovers the fantastical world of Fillory.

The Magicians: Alice's Story

"Comics have always been a big part of my reading life — Watchmen in particular was a major major influence on The Magicians — so I’ve always hoped this story could play as a comic someday. I had actually been trying for years to make it happen, but I kept getting hung up on rights issues," explained Grossman in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "When it was finally free, I brought the idea to BOOM! Studios, and it was clear right away that they knew what to do with it."

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"I suggested that it might be fun to do Alice’s perspective on the events of the novel rather than simply retell the story through Quentin’s eyes. I wasn’t sure if Lev would go for it but to my delight, he was all for it," revealed Sturges. "Once I started turning in script pages it became obvious that Lev and I had very similar ideas about what the comic should be, and he gave me lots of leeway to tell the story the way I wanted to."

Based on the novel series written by Lev Grossman, The Magicians: Alice's Story is written by Lilah Sturges and illustrated by Pius Bak. It is scheduled to be released by BOOM! Studios in July 2019. The television series, developed by Sera Gamble and John McNamara, is expected to return for its fourth season on Syfy in early 2019.

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