Meet Millar & Coipel's The Magic Order in This Exclusive Preview


Netflix is set to debut the first all-new Millarworld series, The Magic Order, and Mark Millar couldn't be happier. Not only is the Eisner Award-winning writer incredibly excited to finally see the first new project of the Netflix deal come to fruition, he can't wait for comic book fans to see what co-creator and series artist Olivier Coipel has cooked up.

"Olivier is hands down the best artist working in comics right now," Millar tells CBR "At any company. I’ve always admired him and been chasing him for years, but you’ve read the first couple of issues and seen the level he’s working at here. This isn’t hyperbole. Look at the work previewed on these pages. It’s just jaw-dropping. We created this internally with designers and a character design bible as we do with all the Netflix projects, but he’s just taken it to levels we couldn’t have imagined. He’s God, plain and simple."

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And Millar & Coipel's hard work looks like it's going to pay off; pre-order numbers for the series have surpassed all expectations, with The Magic Order tracking to be Millarworld's biggest debut to date. "Our numbers for this have exceeded even Jupiter’s Legacy, which came in just under 140,000 with a couple printings back in 2012," Millar reveals. "We’ve exceeded that already and FOC isn’t even until Monday so it’s BY FAR the best numbers ever on a Millarworld book. Netflix has a Hell of a launch here and 99.9% of that is down to Olivier, who’s just a superstar. I love him."

Below, CBR has your first look at pages from The Magic Order #2, illustrated by Coipel with colors by comics legend Dave Stewart. Check them out now, and come back later today for our talk with Millar as well as the debut of the official trailer for Netflix's next Millarworld comic, The Magic Order.

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  • Writer: Mark Millar
  • Artist / Cover: Olivier Coipel
  • Published: July 18, 2018
  • Diamond ID: MAY180197
  • Age Rating: M
  • A dark force is targeting The Magic Order, killing off its members one by one. Time is running out, and the death toll is rising. Will Gabriel return to the fold to save his family, and the world, from the forces of evil?
  • Digital : $3.99
  • Print: $3.99
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