The mad dash for Comic-Con hotel rooms is Tuesday

Now that you've recovered from the 90-minute marathon for badges, it's time prepare for the next hurdle on the route to Comic-Con International in San Diego: the annual melee for discounted hotel rooms. As the little bird at the convention's Toucan blog tells us, reservations open Tuesday at 9 a.m. PT.

More than 70 hotels, from Downtown San Diego to the airport to Mission Valley, are part of the convention block, offering room rates ranging from $152 to to $375 per night -- up slightly from last year -- the July 24-27 event.

Badge holders should receive an email over the weekend containing a link to the Travel Planners hotel reservation website, which won't be active until reservations open Tuesday morning. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the list of hotels; participants in the Travel Planners booking process are required to provide six hotel choices — no more, no less — in order of preference.

Organizers suggest attendees be realistic about their choice of accommodations: "Yes, everyone wants to stay downtown, but the hotels located outside of the downtown area are just as comfortable and are serviced (with the exception of three of them) by the Comic-Con Shuttle service."

And if Tuesday doesn't work out the way you hope, take heart: There are always cancellations, meaning some rooms will likely become available down the road.

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