<i>The Lost Legion</i> Gains <i>300</i> Scribe

Warner Bros. is developing a historical epic called The Lost Legion, and the studio has found a screenwriter who knows a thing or two about ancient warfare to tackle it. Kurt Johnstad, known best for his work on 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire, has reportedly been tapped to pen the project.

According to Deadline, The Lost Legion is about "the first encounter between two of the most powerful forces in the history of civilization, the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of ancient China. In 53 BC, a Roman legion was defeated in the Middle East and the surviving Roman soldiers were sold into slavery in the far east, North of China in what is now known as Mongolia. An intrepid band of Chinese warriors freed the legionnaires from captivity, and teamed up to defend China from the fiercest army in history."

This story is based on a recent discovery that seems to point to this faceoff having actually happened. Archaeologists recently found Roman architecture mixed in with Han Dynasty artifacts in a village in the Gansu province on the Chinese-Mongolian border. Though the town is called Lee-Chien, the townspeople reportedly call it "Legion."

The Lost Legion will be produced by Dan Lin at Warner Bros and executive produced by Lin Pictures' Jon Silk and Action Entertainment's Chris Darling and Susan Feiles. No word on a prospective director or production start date.

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