The Lord Of The Rings: Middle-Earth's 25 Strongest Characters, Officially Ranked

Middle-Earth is a vast and interesting place, home to many creatures and people who have to learn how to fight in order to survive. By the time of The Lord of the Rings, the people of Middle-Earth had seen countless wars as they tried to defend themselves against the Dark Lord, Sauron. Throughout the The Lord of the Rings, we follow Frodo Baggins, who has agreed to take the One Ring into Mount Doom in order to destroy Sauron for good. Along the way, he is accompanied by various other companions as he travels across the land. These characters have their own battles to fight throughout the trilogy, and many other characters are introduced that hint at the sheer power that exists in Middle-Earth.

As Frodo embarks on his journey, he is met at every turn with people and monsters that are vastly stronger than him. Wizards, demons, and even beings who are neither living or dead all roam the lands, ready to meet their own goals. The Lord of the Rings shows a fantasy world that has been torn by war and is ready to make its final stand against the armies of Mordor. With all of the powerful characters that are willing to lay down their lives for the cause, we're looking at 25 of the most powerful characters from the trilogy. Keep in mind the list will not include The Hobbit characters or any characters exclusive to any other Middle-Earth work. Don't expect to see Smaug appear here.

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25 SAM

Samwise Gamgee is a Hobbit with a stout heart and an appetite for all the best types of food. Willing to go to the very ends with Frodo, he is one of the most loyal and faithful companions to ever live.

He also happens to be quite strong in battle, not only taking out some Orcs and Goblins, but even fighting a massive spider and living to tell the tale. Frodo couldn't have asked for a better friend on his quest to Mordor.


Grima Wormtongue was once a man of Rohan before he was taken hold by Saruman the White. He was sent back to Rohan to poison the mind of King Theoden and rule the lands as a result.

Wormtongue wasn't much of a fighter, though -- he was a conniving backstabber at best. He fought mostly with his words and very rarely with his hands. His only strength was that he knew how to get the drop on someone.


When Sauron launched a full-scale assault on Minas Tirith, he had an Orc general lead the armies on the ground. This Orc's name was Gothmog, and he was the most deformed of them all. With plenty of disabilities to boot, it was shocking that Gothmog ranked as highly as he did.

What's most impressive is that he seemed to ignore his physical limitations and feared nothing, even "playing chicken" with a catapult. He also would've killed Eowyn if it weren't for Aragorn and Gimli.


The King of Rohan and a wise leader, Theoden was as noble as they come. Having fought in numerous battles, he was unfortunate enough to not only see the death of his son but be poisoned by Saruman. Once freed from his bondage, though, Theoden fought with the might of 10,000 kings.

Even with the situation seemed dire and there was no sign of victory, he still rode out for ruin and the world's ending. He died riding out too.



Lurtz was the first Uruk-Hai created by Saruman the White and one of the strongest. He led a party of Uruk-Hai to Amon Hen, where they intercepted the Fellowship of the Ring and tried to capture Frodo. Lurtz ended up fighting against Boromir, who was the son of the Steward of Gondor.

Seeing his moment, Lurtz actually killed Boromir by shooting him with several arrows before fighting Aragorn and losing his head. Immediately, Saruman had need of a new Uruk-Hai leader.



Eowyn was the cousin of King Theoden and related to the throne. Despite being a woman, she wanted nothing more than to fight and die for her friends in battle. She trained often with a sword and got very good at what she did.

During the Battle of Minas Tirith, she disguised herself as a male Rohirrim and rode out into battle. While she put herself at risk, the battle likely wouldn't have been won without her undying desire to fight.


Faramir was the Captain of Gondor and the brother of Boromir. Commanding the Ithilien Rangers, he knew how to use a bow better than just about any other man. He would fight in numerous battles, but his desire to prove his quality would be his greatest weakness.

No matter how good of a fighter he was, there was never going to be a good outcome by him riding to Osgiliath to try and take it back after Mordor's armies were staying there.


Eomer was the leader of the Rohirrim and older brother to Eowyn. He was one of the greatest and most loyal riders to King Theoden, and all Uruk-Hai knew to fear him.

Eomer did an excellent job of keeping the borders safe from Orcs, and it was his army that arrived at Helm's Deep when Rohan's hour was darkest. He would also have part in the Battle of Minas Tirith and even take out a few Mumakil before the fighting was done.


Faramir's older brother, Boromir, was arguably the best soldier that Gondor had in its ranks. Not only did his fighting and leadership protect Osgiliath for many years, but he was chosen to go to the Council of Elrond and become a member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Unfortunately, Boromir would be tempted by the One Ring and, in trying to steal it, would be placed in a spot where he would lose his life in battle. Even the mightiest man can be slain by one arrow, but Boromir was pierced by many.


The only Dwarf to have any place in the War of the Ring, Gimli, son of Gloin, was one of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring. Having a rough exterior but a soft interior, he was as ferocious as all Dwarves came.

Even going as far to take a stand against a Cave Troll when he knew the odds were against him, Gimli never backed down from a fight. He would also have competitions with Legolas to see who could kill the most Orcs in each battle they fought.


Lord of the Rings Aragorn header

Aragorn was a Dunedain Ranger who was blessed with unnatural long life. He was also the descendant of Isildur, the King of Gondor. Choosing to live his life in the wild, he eventually had to embrace his destiny when he met Frodo Baggins and joined the Fellowship of the Ring.

Training for decades as a ranger, Aragorn was the best human fighter in all of Middle-Earth. He could take on just about any number of foes and still walk away with only minimal damage.



Legolas Greenleaf was the Prince of Mirkwood and one of the greatest fighters during the War of the Ring. Despite fighting in just about every major battle during the time, Legolas took no damage.

Being an expert archer, he could land just about any shot he wanted without running out of arrows. Also a king of stuntwork, Legolas could perform all kinds of excellent acrobatic moves that had made him a force of nature when it came to fighting Orcs.



Arwen Evenstar was the daughter of King Elrond and had access to all kinds of impressive Elven magic because of it. Not only was she a trained fighter and knew how to use a sword, but she could also summon crazy spells.

When being chased by the nine Ringwraiths, she summoned a magical river of horses to wash them away without hesitation. The only unfortunate part about Arwen was that she wasn't involved in the War of the Ring much due to her dealing with family issues.


Nine Kings of Men were given Rings of Power by Sauron. Easily corrupted, they each fell victim to the darkness of the rings and were turned into the Nine Nazgul or Ringwraiths. Neither living nor dead, their entire purpose in life was to hunt down the One Ring.

Never needing to sleep nor eat, they could always keep hunting and never stop. Combining that with Morgul dark magic, the Nazgul were the deadliest servants of the Dark Lord.



In the First Age of Middle-Earth, there was a giant spider named Ungoliant who had a child named Shelob. Shelob would grow to be an equally giant and terrifying spider who lived in the pass of Cirith Ungol. All Orcs knew to never walk in those tunnels if Shelob was lurking around, as she would feast on whatever she liked.

Complete with massive fangs, a stinger that can paralyze anyone, and an insatiable hunger, Shelob was one of the scariest creatures in The Lord of the Rings.


Fangorn Forest was home to billions of giant trees, who needed a group of people to watch over them. That's where the Ents came in. These walking, talking trees spoke very slowly, seemed uninterested in the matters of the world, and were a bit distracted at times, but they soon found that they were strong.

Despite being beyond ancient, Treebeard, the leader of the Ents, led an attack on Isengard with his fellow Ents and won. None of the Uruk-Hai could stop him.


Middle-Earth was home to a race of Giant Eagles who also had the ability to speak (in the books that is). These Eagles would help out numerous times in the history of Middle-Earth, saving the day twice in The Hobbit then appearing the same amount of times in The Lord of the Rings. 

The Eagles were strong enough that they could take on the Fell Beasts and their Nazgul without much work. They could also take out a number of Orcs.


In Return of the King, there was an undead army that lived at the end of the Dimholt Road. These men were recruited by Isildur to fight in the Second Age but never showed up. As a result, they were cursed until their oath was fulfilled.

Aragorn recruited them for the Battle of Minas Tirith and they agreed. Leading them was the King of the Dead, who would take his army and be able to kill anyone else in the world without ever taking any damage. The Army of the Dead was invincible.


Lord Elrond was the master of Rivendell and one of the oldest Elves in Middle-Earth. Fighting in both the Second Age and Dol Goldur, Elrond is one of the strongest beings to ever live.

Complete with his Elven magic, he could take on just about any number of foes and still come out on top. His powers aren't fully shown in The Lord of the Rings, but anyone who knows his history knows that he can do so much more.


When the Fellowship of the Ring went through the Mines of Moria, they came to face to face with a demon of the ancient world: the Balrog of Morgoth. This massive monstrosity was a remnant of the First Age and was beyond anything the heroes had faced before.

Swords, arrows, and spears were of no use against it. Made entirely out of shadow and flame, this monster could breath fire and had a flaming whip. If it weren't for Gandalf the Grey, the Fellowship would've ended right then and there.


Saruman the White was one of the wizards of Middle-Earth and a member of the White Council. He was once one of Gandalf's greatest allies before he reasoned that there was no hope against Sauron. He turned on the people of Middle-Earth and used his magic to create a new army to destroy Rohan.

Able to shoot fire, poison the minds of others, and send his spies throughout the land, it seemed that there was no escaping the wrath of Saruman.



Gandalf the Grey was one of the greatest wizards in Middle-Earth, but he met his end while fighting the Balrog of Morgoth. However, his task was yet to be completed, as he was sent back reborn as Gandalf the White.

Complete with a host of new powers and wisdom, Gandalf the White was a force to be reckoned with against the armies of Mordor. Not only did he make quick work of Saruman, but of his Uruk-Hai army as well.


witch king lotr

The Witch King of Angmar is the greatest of the Nazgul and also the deadliest. Having once taken over the land of Angmar and purging the people of Arnor, the Witch King was awoken once more for the War of the Ring.

Imbued with dark magic from Minas Morgul, the Witch King was able to destroy Gandalf the White's staff as well as go straight for King Theoden and kill him. Unfortunately, he was defeated by a loophole with Eowyn.


One of the greatest Elves in all of Middle-Earth is Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlorien. Her power was beyond anything that any Elf had shown before and was also a member of the White Council. Frodo tried giving her the One Ring but she wouldn't take it, telling Frodo that it would awaken in her an evil even greater than Sauron.

She could read minds, speak telepathically, and defeat just about any evil foe that came her way. She took out Sauron when he was the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.


The strongest character in The Lord of the Rings is easily the Dark Lord, Sauron. Even in defeat, he had immense power. Commanding a host of armies at all times, there was no telling what Sauron would do next.

Creating the all-seeing eye at the top of Barad Dur, Sauron had visibility over all of Middle-Earth at once, being able to sense the presence of the One Ring. The worst part is that he wasn't even at full strength at the time, but he was still a force that everyone knew to fear.

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