The Lone Ranger vol. 5: Hard Country TPB

Story by
Art by
Esteve Polls
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

The Wild West is a harsh landscape. The terrain is unforgiving, the men hardened and desperate and the law hard to come by. Now, those who find themselves oppressed or victimized have new allies. Two brave men who have dedicated themselves to helping those in need... to justice. "Hard Country" tells the story of the early days of The Lone Ranger and Tonto on the open trail. As the two heroes roam the West, they encounter a murderous gang, a legendary gunfighter at the end of his bloody career, a megalomaniacal Sheriff and the suffering each leaves in their path. The Lone Ranger and Tonto have hit the trails of the Wild West. Now, the West hits back. In a story that draws on the actual history of the period, two good men will do all they can to make a difference... in a hard country.


• Issues 1-6 of the second Lone Ranger series by Ande Parks and Esteve Polls

• All issue covers by Alex Ross and Francesco Francavilla

• Writer's commentary for issue #1 by Ande Parks

• Ande Parks' script for a deleted scene to issue #2

"It'll break your heart and make you feel." - ComicBookResources.com

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