"The Lone Ranger" #6, Extra Pages at No Extra Cost!

Official Press Release

Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT today released great news concerning the release of THE LONE RANGER #6, which will have additional pages added and be offered at regular cover price. The Lone Ranger #6 will have 25 full pages of story and art to wrap up the first storyline.

The dramatic retelling of the Lone Ranger's origin concludes with The Lone Ranger #6 from writer Brett Matthews, cover artist and art director John Cassaday, interior artist Sergio Cariello and colorist Dean White.

"Dynamite has been fantastic about giving John and I and Sergio and Dean the room to create. In this case, literally," stated writer Brett Matthews.

Cover artist and art director John Cassaday had this to add: "When I asked Dynamite about more pages, they asked if it was necessary to get the story right and I said it was. They responded, 'Done deal.'"

Dynamite stated, "The Lone Ranger has been an intense ride from the very beginning, and the story seems to have taken on a life of it's own as the origin has been told. In order to present the story in its most deserved and complete format, we've added extra pages to issue #6 (without an increase in price!) The Lone Ranger #6 will feature a full 25-page story to present the conclusion of the first storyline, allowing our creative team of Brett, John, Dean and Sergio to present the story the way it was intended. And we're keeping the cost at $2.99 to show our appreciation to the fans and retailers who have recognized the importance of this American icon and gone over the top in support of Dynamite from the very beginning. The Lone Ranger #6 is the big climax for the first storyline, and these extra pages will allow everyone to enjoy it in its entirety."


Second print variants for sold out issues of The Lone Ranger #1 (JUL068516) and #2 (OCT068108), as well as a limited edition re-order cover for Issue #3 (NOV068051) are available for re-order. All three re-order covers feature variations to the dramatic covers provided by John Cassaday.

THE LONE RANGER #4 (OCT06 3330) and #5(NOV063466) are still available for re-order from Diamond Comic Distritubors, though supplies are limited.

Due to the overwhelming demand and strong praise in the form of reviews and comments from fans both new and old, DYNAMITE requests specialty retailers review and adjust their orders for the upcoming The Lone Ranger #6 (DEC063487), available for initial orders.

The Lone Ranger continues from creators Brett Matthews, John Cassaday, Sergio Cariello and colorist Dean White. 'The beginning ends here. The Lone Ranger and Black Bart duel in the sun, the fate of all John Reid has and will become hanging in the balance. Will the legend be born or die this day? Issues #1 and 2 Sold out faster than Silver can run - and featured additional printings -- and critical praise is unanimous, don't miss out as origin of the Lone Ranger concludes here! And look for the Ranger's return from DYNAMITE!

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