The Lone Ranger #25

Story by
Art by
Sergio Cariello
Colors by
Marcelo Pinto
Letters by
Simon Bowland
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

The finale of an eight-part story and the conclusion of the current "Lone Ranger" series, this issue pits the masked man and his partner, Tonto, against the raging menace of Butch Cavendish for a final, brutal showdown. The three characters tussle throughout the entire first half of the issue and by issue's end, no one is the same as he started.

Brett Matthews' story is briskly paced and intensely packed. There is a great deal of action and excitement poured into these pages, and all of it is true Lone Ranger material. This is the story of the legend of the Lone Ranger, Tonto, and Silver. All of these characters are given a moment to shine as this story wraps up the series with defining flashes. It is a fitting finale that also sets up further adventures.

The story is so briskly paced and action-packed that it reminds me of Chuck Dixon's "Green Arrow" work from yesteryear. Like those stories, this issue moves at a dizzying pace, but is so full of electricity that it simply demands to be re-read, offering up more intensity with the second read.

Sergio Cariello's art is filled with nuances and line work that simply demands to be compared to another legend, Joe Kubert. Cariello's style is quite unlike most anything in comics today, but it works so splendidly for this story, washing it in a timeless style that defies limitation by era. The art is detailed enough for the story, but pulls back and remains checked down when the story is better served by a more minimal approach to surroundings and backgrounds.

When those backgrounds are checked down, Marcelo Pinto steps up and washes the scene with color, painting the big sky country with tumbling clouds and magnificent sunsets. His work with Cariello's art in this issue comes across as collaboration, finding the proper appearance for the characters here.

I haven't been a regular reader of "Lone Ranger," checking in only every so often to get my bearings on the story, see what's happening and then moving along. This issue, however, has me keenly interested in what comes next, as the Lone Ranger and Tonto prepare to ride off into the sunset.

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