"The Lone Ranger" #2 Sells Out Prior To In-Stoe Date; Variant Issued

Official Press Release

Runnemede, NJ – DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT announced today that the initial print run for the second issue of their all-new, ongoing THE LONE RANGER comic book series has sold out as the orders and re-orders were shipping to Diamond, and a limited edition variant has been planned to fill standing orders.

The news of the sell out is announced as Dynamite prepares to ship the limited variant cover to their sold out The Lone Ranger #1. Diamond made retailers aware of the limited edition variant in last week's Previews Update, and the new edition is almost sold out. If orders continue, the limited edition #2 will be sold out by week's end.

DYNAMITE stated, "Wow! It's a dynamite feeling! Once again the success of The Lone Ranger is overwhelming. We can't thank the retailers and the fans enough. We anticipated #2 to sell out after the success of #1, so we created a variant that printed at the same time to have available for re-orders. A great deal of hard work and dedication has gone into this title, and we can't express our gratitude enough to the creative team, the retailers and the fans! Brett, Sergio, Dean, and John have done more than revive this American icon for comic fans- they've achieved the ultimate compliment by catching the attention of Western enthusiasts and organizations, and even the actual Texas Rangers. It's an incredible feeling when fans don't just say congratulations but also thank you."

Art director John Cassaday gave his congratulations and added, "When you approach a legendary character with care and resurrect it with respect, it should be no surprise that people respond. Simple, but true. It's gratifying to see it become a reality."

Writer Brett Matthews added, "My thanks to those who trusted us to create our own little corner of The Lone Ranger's rich and timeless mythology, and especially to fans new and old for stopping by. I so shouldn't have killed all the characters off in #3..."

Popularity and praise of The Lone Ranger have extended outside the comics market by receiving national attention, including this review in the Philadelphia Daily News by Jerome Maida, "Faced with the challenge of making the iconic character contemporary and relevant, Dynamite's new series hits it out of the park. Realizing that many younger readers would be unfamiliar with the old TV show, Dynamite decided to take a Year One approach for the first story arc and explore the character's origin, promoting the series as a cross between Clint Eastwood's 'Unforgiven' and HBO's 'Deadwood,' much darker than the original Clayton Moore 'Lone Ranger' shows."

For the complete review, visit: www.philly.com/mld/dailynews/living/15769934.htm

Due to the overwhelming demand and strong praise in the form of reviews and comments from fans both new and old, DYNAMITE requests specialty retailers review and adjust their orders for issue #3 (SEP063219) still available for advance re-order and as well as the upcoming issue #4 (OCT063330) available for initial orders.

Written by Brett (Firefly) Matthews with covers and art direction by John (Astonishing X-Men, Planetary) Cassaday, the series also features veteran illustrator Sergio Cariello and colorist Dean (Punisher) White."

The Lone Ranger is a powerful tale of the West and begins the origins of the Lone Ranger in a way never before presented. A young man searches for revenge, only to find justice... and that he's something greater than he ever thought he could be. Evoking shades of such powerful Westerns as Unforgiven, the tone of such powerful modern interpretations of the West as Deadwood, and written in the most reverential way, this is the must-read comic of 2006.

In The Lone Ranger #2, John Reid has been left for dead and is found by an uneasy ally - Tonto! Determined to seek his revenge, Reid forms a plan as Tonto aids in his recovery, but will Julius Bartholomew, aka Black Bart, uncover the truth about Reid?

More information on the limited edition variant will be forthcoming, check with your local retailer for more information and fans should look for The Lone Ranger #3 (SEP063219) in stores in November and The Lone Ranger #4 (OCT063330) scheduled to ship in December! Written By Brett Matthews; Art Direction By John Cassaday; Art By Sergio Cariello With Colors By Dean White; Cover Art By John Cassaday.

For art and more information please visit: www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/c-Lone_Ranger.html

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