This Santa Has a Different Kind of Christmas Mission in The List

This is "Went to Tell Somebody," where I spotlighted different cool independent comic book series based on submissions from the indie comic book creators themselves via a set Q & A with the creators themselves. Essentially, the creators speak for their own work and "Went to Tell Somebody" will give them a place to do so!

This is a ostensibly an ongoing weekly feature, so if you would like to see your work spotlighted, as well, there's no time limit or anything like that. So you can submit at any time. It's not a first come/first serve thing, ya know? However, sending your comic in isn't a guarantee that I'll run a spotlight on it. I'm not gonna just promote anything on here, ya know? So if we go a while without an edition of this feature, it is because I don't have something that I'm okay with putting my name on a spotlight of it. Click here for the current submission guidelines.

Today, we look at The List, James Stimpson and Liana Recchione's dark tale of a Santa who has a different mission at Christmastime than your traditional Santa Claus.

You can get a copy of the book here.

What is your comic about?

It's about a Santa, Sal, who saves children every Christmas instead of delivering presents. He's part of Santa Squad, an elite group of Santas who take care of Christmas every year. Jesus is his boss, it's his birthday so of course he's in charge, and he and Sal don't quite see eye-to-eye. Jesus isn't the only one he clashes with, the other Santas aren't big fans either. Sal struggles to deal with the fact that he can only help children once a year and drinks away his depression. The List follows Sal on his latest Christmas outing.

What made you choose to use the comic book medium for this story?

I love comics! It's also a medium that's easier to get something made and get the story out there. I wanted to create something that gave back to the medium I love so much and I fortunately found an amazing artist to come along for the journey!

What aspect of your comic are you most proud of?

The fact that we did it! Both the artist and I have jobs outside of this comic but we ran a successful Kickstarter and fulfilled all rewards on time!

What’s the one piece of philosophy and/or advice that has informed your comic book work the most?

Nobody is going to walk up to you and ask you if you have a great story in you. You have to go out and make it and then shout about it! If you want people to read your comic you've got to put the work in.

Since this is “Went to Tell Everybody,” tell everybody about another current comic book series that you would like other people to know more about.

The Resurrected by Christian Carnouche, Crizam Zamora and Sal Aiala.

It's a great little series. They've released 3 so far and I believe they said that once #4 is ready they'll do another Kickstarter for all 4 copies!

Again, if you're interested in The List, you can pick up a copy (and read more about the comic) here.

And of course, once again, if you're interested in seeing YOUR independent comic book spotlighted in this feature, click here for the current submission guidelines.

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