<i>The Lion King</i> Rules The Pride — In 3-D!

Many moviegoers remain skeptical about the prospects of 3-D technology, particularly as it pertains to the retroactive 3-D conversion. Few will argue that the 3-D effects seen in Clash of the Titans could hold a candle to those seen in Avatar, for instance. But the conversion process seems to work better when it comes to the world of animation, and if you're a fan of that process, you'll be happy to hear that producer Don Hahn is currently working on a 3-D conversion of The Lion King.

"I’m actually trying to work out a 3D conversion of The Lion King. I’ll be doing that when I go back to the States in a couple of weeks,” he told Empire Online, adding that Disney animators are taking their time on the project to make sure everything looks as perfect as possible. “It’s going to be spectacular – we will do a good job for ya! The technology is tremendous. We did A Nightmare Before Christmas a few years ago and Tim [Burton] thought it was better than the original because it allows you to walk onto the set.”

Hahn also offered an update on the rumored Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel, saying: "Yeah, I couldn’t possibly comment. I deny completely, but yeah… if you’re a fan, pretty soon you’re going to be very, very, very happy.”

Additionally, he commented on the status of The Snow Queen, his planned adaptation of the classic fairy tale, saying that the project is currently tabled: “It’s on the low shelf — we can’t reach it! But seriously, we don’t have the story. It’s a bit like Beauty And The Beast, which sat there for years. We cracked Beauty finally by putting in the objects and creating more plot. The Snow Queen we’ve had a lot of trouble with and I’ve spent years on it. I love it and I think it’s one of the last great fairy tales. It’s kind of crappy that it’s just sitting there right now.”

Source: Empire Online

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