The Linking Begins!!!!

Okay, it is still very much a work in progress (as it is a total pain to write down all these blogs, so I'm only up to "E" of the OLD blog roll, let alone adding all the NEW ones!), but a skeletal version of the the Comics Should Be Good Super-Duper Links Page is now up!

I plan to have the blog list include both the link as well as a quick description by me about the blog in question, as I figure that'll be more useful than just a list of names, right?

Please drop me some feedback as to how the Links Page works for you- I enabled discussion on the Links Page, but please only use the discussion on the Links Page for reporting sites that have retired/changed addresses or if the posted link is not working. You can leave any feedback here.

Also, please keep posting here lists of blogs you'd like to see included on the links page! I'd like this to be about as definitive of a list of comic book blog links as possible!!

Thanks, folks!!

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