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The Line it is Drawn Comic Book Reviews: Hoax Hunters #1

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The Line it is Drawn Comic Book Reviews: Hoax Hunters #1

The talented men and women who draw The Line it is Drawn every week often work on comic book projects, as well. Today, I’ll be reviewing four of them (two in the morning and two in the late afternoon). We begin with Axel Medellin and Hoax Hunters #1. -BC

After appearing as back-ups for awhile now, the Hoax Hunters (an X-Files-esque group of agents who uncover supernatural phenomena, resolve it and then use their Mythbusters-esque TV show to cover up the phenomena) get their own ongoing series by co-writers Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley and artist Axel Medellin. We pick up the Hunters in an intriguing mission in the swamps of Louisiana as they find themselves involved in an incident far beyond what they’re used to covering up.

After a call to help goes out, the team finds themselves in the swamp….

That’s some mighty effective storytelling there from Axel Medellin, no? He nails the slow reveal of the terrible scene beautifully. He does a strong job milking as much suspense as he can in this comic.

Meanwhile, Moreci and Seeley show that the leader of the group, Jack, is clearly disturbed by this case more so than other cases…

We learn that it has something to do with the disturbance of his father, who was involved in doing the same work Jack does to this day.

The Hoax Hunters are not monster killers, they’re more here to keep monsters out of sight and make sure that the public believes that they don’t exist. As it turns out, this area has a clan of swamp monsters and someone (or someTHING) has specifically targeted these monsters. This is not just a random piece of spooky business, this is a targeted attack on an extremely well-hidden group of monsters. This is more than Jack and his crew have faced to this point.

Jack and Regan (the former child star who was possessed as a child and who is now sort of second-in-command in the group) get a lot of strong character development while the two less photogenic members of the group sort of fade into the background for #1, to the point where I don’t know if someone picking up the book with this issue would even figure out what their deal is. So if you’re new to the Hoax Hunters, I’ll explain. The fellow with the binoculars is ken Cadaver, who is undead. The fellow in the astronaut suit is Murder, whose “body” is comprised of crows (think Swarm, only with crows. Awesome, right?). I love how out of place Murder is in the swamp. The shot of him holding the camera is priceless. I love Murder.

In any event, this first issue did a very nice job introducing the concept of the series while also taking the concept of the series and turning it on its head a bit. Plus, great art from Axel Medellin! What more do you want, people? What more do you want?!?! Go pick up this series! There is a #0 that collects the Hack/Slash back-ups featuring the characters and now #1. It will be out regularly from Image.

If you want to check out Axel Medellin’s Line it is Drawn work, he has been a regular artist since installment #77. Check out the archive here to see Axel’s great work.

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