The Line It Is Drawn Archive!

Here is an archive of the past installments of The Line It Is Drawn, the feature where our regular artists do a drawing each based on your suggestions to various themes.

Here are the installments (in chronological order), along with the themes of each...

The Star Wars editions are I've bolded theme so you can see them easily.

1. Team-up two comic book characters from different companies who have never met before

2. Mash-up of Marvel Comics characters with Walt Disney characters

3. Mash-up of DC Comics characters with other Warner Brothers characters

4. Comic book characters/Saturday morning cartoon characters mash-up/team-up

5. Comic book characters in different time periods

6. Comic book characters/sitcom characters mash-ups

7. Special edition of comic book characters/sitcom characters - all suggestions by Peter David!

8. Comic book characters and historical figures team-ups/mash-ups

9. Comic book characters and literary figures team-ups/mash-ups

10. Comic book characters in different genres

11. Comic book characters/musicals mash-ups

12. Comic book/video game mash-ups

13. Comic book characters/horror characters team-ups/mash-ups

14. Comic book characters/comic strip characters team-ups/mash-ups

15. Comic book character odd couples

16. Amalgamated comic book characters

17. Comic book characters/Star Wars characters team-ups/mash-ups

18. The Everyday lives of superheroes (and villains)

19. Comic book characters/western characters team-ups/mash-ups (all suggestions by Fred Van Lente!)

20. Comic book characters/TV dramas team-ups/mash-ups

21. Comic book characters/holiday characters team-ups/mash-ups

22. New Year's Resolutions for comic book characters

23. Comic book characters mashed up with animals

24. Comic book characters mashed up with films from the last five years

25. Comic book characters team-up/mash-up with Star Trek characters

26. Comic book cover homages

27. Comic book characters mashed-up with famous romances

28. Music album cover homages

29. Comic book characters teamed-up with U.S. Presidents

30. Comic book characters teamed-up/mashed-up with Dwayne McDuffie-created comic book characters

31. Superheroes team-up with their past selves

32. Superheroes in famous music videos

33. Comic book characters team-up/mash-up with famous advertising mascots

34. Comic book characters mashed-up with Oscar-winning films

35. Comic book characters working as spokes models

36. American comic book characters team-up/mash-up with Manga/Anime characters

37. Comic book characters team-up/mash-up with fairy tale characters

38. Comic book characters drawn in the style of particular artists

39. Comic book characters team-up/mash-up with characters from Greek or Norse mythology

40. Comic book characters team-up/mash-up with webcomic characters

41. Comic book characters mashed up with famous paintings

42. Mash-ups/team-ups of Dark Horse comic book characters

43. Comic book characters mashed-up with famous movie posters

44. All-New DC #1s

45. Comic book characters mashed-up with Muppets

46. All-New Marvel #1s

47. Depictions of dramatic revelations!!!

48. Things you would never think you would see certain comic book characters do

49. What if...? scenarios

50. Super teams made up of characters from all over the pop culture universe

51. Comic book characters face off against bad guys that they've never faced before

52. Spider-Men other than Peter Parker get into all sorts of different scenarios!

53. Aged or de-aged versions of comic book characters.

54. Tributes to the DC characters who won't be around post the "New 52" relaunch

55. Comic Book Cover Homages (The Sequel)!

56. Super-Villain Team-Up!

57. Special edition where the artists all draw a Superman drawing for super fan Mike Meyer.

58. Comic Book Characters/Children's Picture Books

59. Comic Book Characters/Pulp Novel Characters

60. Comic Book Characters in Different Genres

61. Comic Book Characters and Board Games

62. Comic Book Characters/Simpsons Characters

63. Comic Book Super Bands!!!

64. Comic Book Characters and Walt Disney Characters!

65. Comic Book Characters and Musicians

66. Comic Book Characters and Futurama!

67. Comic Book Characters and the Classics of Western Literature

68. Superfy 'Em!

69. Team-Ups and Farewells

70. Christmas Themed Drawings

71. Comic Book Characters and Harry Potter Characters

72. Comic Book Characters and Doctor Who Characters

73. Comic Book Characters in Different Eras

74. Comic Book Characters and NickToons

75. Anniversary Issues That Will Never Be!

76. Celebrating Freedom of Speech with Lady Liberty

77. After Watchmen

78. Music Album Cover Homages

79. Male Superheroes See How the Other Side Lives

80. The Wide World of Sports, Comic Book Style

81. Comic Book Characters/Star Wars Characters

82. March M.O.D.O.K. Madness!

83. Comic Book What If...?'s

84. Comic Book Dream Casting

85. Avengers vs. X-Men (With a Twist)!

86. Classic Paintings, Comic Book Style

87. What Would Their Kid Look Like?

88. Comic Book Characters on Reality Shows

89. The Great Powers Theft of 2012!

90. The Beastie Boys, Comic Book Style!

91. Jonah Hex Tribute to Tony DeZuniga

92. Conan Tribute to Ernie Chan

93. Cross-Company Team-Ups!

94. Alternate Reality Character Designs

95. Comic Book Characters in Science Fiction Stories

96. Comic Book Characters and TV’s Community!

97. Comic Book Characters, Noir-Style

98. Comic Book Characters and Star Trek Characters

99. Era-Displaced Comic Characters

100. 100th Issue Celebration!

101. Superheroes 101

102. A Tribute to Joe Kubert

103. Comic Book Characters/Video Game Characters

104. Superheroes Get New Jobs!

105. Superheroes Get New Sidekicks!

106. Comic Book Cover Homages!

107. Comic Book Characters In Stephen King Stories

108. Comic Book Characters And Emmy-Nominated TV Shows!

109. Comic Book Characters and the Works of Shakespeare!

110. Comic Book Characters, Batman: The Animated Series Style!

111. Comic Book Characters and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters

112. Marvel Family Tribute!

113. Happy Halloween!

114. Disney Welcomes Star Wars to the Family!

115. Comic Book Characters and James Bond!

116. A Very Tarzan Thanksgiving!

<117. A Fond Farewell to Hostess!

118. A Li’l Collection of Li’l Comic Book Characters!

119. Action Historical Figures!

120. Happy Holidays From the Line it is Drawn!

121. Lesser Known Marvel NOW! Titles

122. Classic Marvel Moments from the Silver Age

123. Post-Apocalyptic Comic Book Characters

124. A Punderful Tribute to Peter David

125. Rock and Roll Superheroes!

126. Valentine’s Day With the Superheroes!

127. Superheroes Break Bad!

128. Music Album Cover Homages

129. Spirit-Style Comic Book Pin-Ups in Honor of Will Eisner Week!

130. Song Lyrics Starring Comic Book Characters

131. The Great Comic Book Amalgamations of 2013!

132. 2013 MODOK March Madness!

133. Angry Birds, Superhero Style!

134. Carmine Infantino Cover Homage Tribute

135. Bruce Timm “End of an Era” Tribute!

136. Line it is Drawn at the Movies, a Roger Ebert Tribute

137. Comic Book Characters in Classic Music Videos!

138. Comic Book Characters and Game of Thrones!

139. A Comic Book Tribute to Ray Harryhausen

140. Comic Character Go Where No One Has Gone Before…Star Trek Mash-Ups!

141. Rejected Children’s Books Starring Comic Book Characters

142. It’s Adventure Time!

143. Superman Team-Ups!

144. Go Team Venture!

145. How Do Superheroes Spend Their Summer Vacation?

146. Amazing Heroes Tribute

147. Wolverine Is Legend: A Richard Matheson Tribute

148. Dr. Seuss Comic Book Mash-Ups!

149. Wolverine Team-Ups!

150. Comic Book Cover Homages!

151. Teen Titans Team-Ups!

152. Muppet Superhero Mash-Ups!

153. Anthropomorphic Superhero Week!

154. When Superhero Movie Casting Goes Wrong!

155. What If…?

156. Dream Creative Teams!

157. Celebrating 50 Years of the Avengers and X-Men!

158. Saying Adios to Breaking Bad

159. South Park/Comic Book Character Mash-Ups!

160. A Fond Welcome Back to Hostess!

161. The Funny Pages, Line it is Drawn Style!

162. Crisis on Infinite Munchs!

163. Happy Halloween From the Line!

164. Walk on the Wild Side: A Comic Book Tribute to Lou Reed

165. Tribute to Nick Cardy

166. The Line Searches for Bigfoot!

167. Thanksgiving Leftovers!

168. Real Life Female Heroes as Superheroes

169. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration!

170. Happy Holidays from the Line it is Drawn!

171. Dream Comic Book Movie Casting…From the Past!

172. Classic Paintings, Line it is Drawn Style!

173. Marvel Comics Meets Star Wars!

174. Gender-Swapped Comic Book Characters!

175. Comic Book Characters/Hanna-Barbera Characters

176. Comic Book Video Game Mash-Ups!

177. Valentine’s Day Comic Book Love Connections!

178. Comic Book Characters Homaging Famous Music Album Covers

179. Saturday Morning Cartoons, Comic Book Style!

180. Internet Memes, Comic Book Style!

181. 2014 March M.O.D.O.K. Madness!

182. Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses

183. Western Re-Designs of Manga/Anime Characters

184. Comic Book Tribute to GWAR

185. Muppet Mash-Ups!

186. Comic Book Characters/Wrestlers – An Ultimate Warrior Tribute

187. Superhero Spring Break!

188. Spider-Man Team-Ups!

189. Avenger Time, C’mon, Grab Your Friends…

190. Comic Book Cover Homages!

191. X-Men Mashups!

192. Comic Characters Meet Famous Movie and TV Aliens

193. G.I. Joe Mash-Ups!

194. Dramatic Revelations!!

195. Fun With Time Travel!

196. Disney Mash-Ups!

197. Celebrate the Fourth of July With Captain America!

198. What if Comic Characters Had Different Creators?

199. Celebrating Batman's 75th Anniversary!

199.1 Line it is Drawn Origins!

200. Brand-New Super Teams!

201. Comic Book Crossover Battles!

202. Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Mash-Ups

203. Comic Book Tribute to Robin Williams

204. Modern Day "Superdickery"

205. What if Male Superheroes Had "Sexy" Variant Covers?

206. Superheroes Doing Commercials!

207. What If All TV Shows Starred Superheroes?

208. What Would Their Kid Look Like?

209. Anime/Manga Versions of Comic Book Characters!

210. Heroes and Villains Flipped On Their Axis!

211. What If Famous Crossovers Happened at Different Comic Book Companies?

212. The Comic Book Detectives Are On The Case!

213. Happy Halloween 2014 From the Line!

214. Marvel Movies We’ll Never See

215. Super-Villain Team-Up!

216. Breaking the Internet!

217. Thanksgiving Leftovers 2014

218. Superhero Music Groups!

219. Daredevil Team-Ups!

220. Happy Holidays from the Line it is Drawn!

221. Flash Team-Ups!

222. Star Wars Team-Ups and Mash-Ups!

223. The Line Goes to the Funny Pages!

224. Comic Book Characters in Famous Music Videos!

225. Lesser-Known Earths in the Marvel Multiverse

226. Harley Quinn Team-Ups!

227. Valentine’s Day With the Superheroes!

228. Comic Book Music Album Homages

229. What Would Their Kid Look Like?

230. Mr. Spock Tribute Mash-Ups

231. Muppet Mash-Up Week!

232. 2015 March M.O.D.O.K. Madness!

233. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Team-Ups!

234. Comic Character Movie Poster Homages!

235. Game of Thrones Mash-Ups

236. Convergence, Line it is Drawn Style

237. Marvel TV Shows You’ll Never See

238. Avengers Assemble!

239. Marvel Crossover Mash-Ups in Honor of Secret Wars!

240. What Would a 4-Year Old Girl Like to See Wonder Woman Do?

241. Superhero/Rock Star Mash-Ups!

242. Golden Age Versions of Modern Superheroes!

243. Saying Goodbye to the New 52…

244. Comic Book Cover Homages!

245. Disney-fied Comic Book Characters

246. Superhero Fight Club!

247. Superheroes Celebrating Marriage Equality!

248. Modern Day Superhero Hostess Comic Book Ads

249. Lesser Known Marvel Movies

250. Crossed Over Crossovers

251. Comic Book Character/Star Trek Team-Ups!













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