The Line it is Drawn – 2017 Artist Tryouts!

Here is the first week of Line it is Drawn artists. At the end of this piece, I'll list the choices that these artists will pick from for the SECOND week. Then, next week, after the next week's pieces are posted, you will all vote on your two favorites and then I'll pick three more myself!

I must say, I'm really impressed with the quality of these pieces. Great work, everyone!

Sean Casinger

Chris Simmonds

Here is Chris' website.

Brockton Fowler

Here is Brockton's website.

Jared Witkofsky

Here is Jared's website.

Ignacio Di Meglio

Here is Ignacio's website.

Lee Hull

Chris Haizlip

Here is Chris' website (Chris also runs the awesome Unpublished X-Men website).

Carina Guevara

Here is Carina's website.

Casey Kruk

Daniel MacInnis

Here is Daniel's website.


Jerome Tyler

Here is Jerome's website.

Luke Marrone

Borja Martín

Simone Placchi

Here is Simone's website.

Tyler Hayden

Here is Tyler's website.

Jean Sinclair

Here is Jean's website (well, ONE of Jean's website - he's got a bunch!)

T.J. Knight

Michael Sepesy

Julen Cendoya

Sebastian Jimenez

Robert Garcia

John Jennison

Here is John's website.

Roberto Duque

Here is his website.

Now, as for the choices for NEXT week! I think the idea I had in 2014 was the right one. You're going to EVENTUALLY need to draw Batman on the Line, so why not just start now? So the choices for next week are all Batman team-ups!

60’s Batman and 60’s James Bond

Beavis and Batman!!

Batman and Dr. Who

Batman and Hulk. My two-year-old son had me pretend to be Batman while he was Hulk all day today.

Batman ’66 and Sean Connery’s James Bond

Batman vs the evil genius Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes): Calvin’s snow goons become animate & invade Gotham.

Batman teamed up with – or having to fight – Kabuki from David Mack’s Kabuki

Batman fighting Agent Smith in The Matrix

Batman and Doctor Thirteen vs. Spellbinder.

Batman teams up with Idris Elba/Stacker Pentecost to drift in a jaeger & fight kaiju

The Joker teams up with Conrad Veidt from “The Man Who Laughs”

The Dark Knight Ranger – Batman belts out “Sister Christian”

The Dark Knight Rider – Batman gets KITT as the new Batmobile

Batman and Marshal Law vs. Public Spirit.

Batman & Doktor Sleepless vs Cthulu

Batman & Doctor Zero vs Scissormen from Doom Patrol.

Adam West and Christopher Reeve team-up against Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill

Bruce Wayne teams with Patrick Bateman to hunt down The American Psycho

Batman & Squirrel Girl as Robin

Batman thinks the Runaways would be excellent additions to the Family — until he tries to lay down the law to Molly Hayes.

Batman & Darkwing Duck

Vampire Batman, The Count from Seasame Street, and Count Duckula

Batman V Nemesis

It’s Herbie the Bat Fury!

The Kill Shakespeare crew comes to Wayne Manor, convinced that a certain bust is the key to finding Will this time…

Batman & Axe Cop

Batman and POYO! find themselves in the Penguin’s crosshairs…

The Beyond Corporation is only a front for Ra’s al Ghul…”I know the Nextwave Squad are, detective, but I never thought YOU a fool!”

Batman & Power Rangers

Batman & Garfield

Batman & Flash Gordon

Batman & Stan Lee

Different versions of the Doctor (Doctor Who) teaming up with Batman from different eras.

Batman teamed up with Usagi Yojimbo.

Batman & Captain Pureheart

Batman & Professor Xum

Batman & Bill Finger vs. Bob Kane

Batman & Sailor Moon

Batman & Astro Boy the robot boy wonder

Batman & Zot

Batman & Cerebus

Batman & Dell comics The Owl

Batman & Richie Rich

Batman vs Kira & his Death Note

Batman teams up with Cutey Honey

Batman teams up with Magnus Robot Fighter

Batman & Grooble Man (DC’s Plop!)

Fun and light-hearted Batman vs Grim and gritty Batman

Batman meets the old pulp hero Black Bat.

Batman & Brock Samson

Batman & Applejack

Batman & Little Orphan Annie

Batman & Matt Murdoch vs. Harvey Birdman & Two-Face in a courtroom trial situation.

Batman & Dick Tracy

Batman & Joe Clark (the principal as played by Morgan Freeman in Lean on Me (1989)) disciplining Sams and Robin.

Batman & SheZow

Batman & Finn & Jake

Batman and (vs.?) the Outsiders (SE Hinton version)

Batman teams with Blue Falcon and Dynomutt

Batman and the OTHER Outsiders (The Joe Simon group)

Batman and Disney’s Gargoyles

Batman & Flaming Carrot & The Fat Fury

Batman & Kick-Ass

Batman Beyond works with the Knight Sabers (Bubblegum Crisis)

Batman teams up with Roger Smith (Big O)

Dan vs Batman

Sailor Moon expects an assist from The Tuxedo Mask, but gets The Batman.

Batman teams up with Officer Dana Cypress to solve the mystery of Revival in a single page.

Batman and Freakzoid vs The Great Cornholio

Batman/Tick team up

Can Batman ever hope to defeat the brilliant Walter White?

Batman vs Pinky and the Brain

Batman tries to match wits with Kira from Death Note

Batman vs Lupin III

Batman teams up with that Green Lantern that’s just a box to rescue a kitten in a tree.

Batman teams up with Michael Weston to take on the headless horseman.

Batman and Harry Dresden team up against Lo Pan

Batman teams up with Gandalf to defeat Darth Vader.

Batman and Moon Knight

Batman & Lady Knight ((Funny Books)

A Batman (Terry McGinnis) team up with Major Motoko Kusangi (GitS) would be beyond awesome! Batman/Psylocke would be ok too. ?

Batman teams up with the Powerpuff Girls. No nemesis needed.

Batman & Prince

Batman vs Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)

Batman works alongside Ash Williams from Army of Darkness

Batman teams up with Death (of the Endless), Death (of Discworld), and Death (of Supernatural’s four horsemen), to fight Apocalypse.

Batman and Maggie & Hopey vs. Strong Bad.

The World’s Greatest Detective teams up with the Freelance Police, Sam & Max!

Adam West Batman vs All Star Batman.

Batman & Popeye

Batman vs the Cthulhu mythos

Batman participates in a Hero team exchange program and works with Empowered.

Batman & the Hero Business

Batman & Flex Mentallo

Batman & Bluntman

Batman teams up with the Beastie Boys to fight for his right to party.

Batman and Power Girl’s cat!

Batman and Streaky the Supercat!

Batman and dead Uatu.

The impossible team-up! Batman and Wonder Tot, Girl and Woman!

Batman teams up with the Joker to fight for Bill Finger’s creator credit!

Batman teams up with an army of Adipose to fight off a Tribble invasion.

Batman and Ronin (Marvel)

Batman and Christopher Robin

Animated Batman with Darkwing Duck vs The Fearsome Fivesome

Batman and the Dukes of Hazzard

Batman and Morbius

Batman vs the Soprano mob

Batman and the Inhumans

Batman teams up with Red Sonja to defeat Ming the Merciless.

Batman and Jim Gordon with Walker Texas Ranger

Batman and Invincible vs the Legion of Doom

Wayne Enterprises showdown with Stark Industries

Bruce Wayne vs J. Jonah Jameson

Batman and Inspector Gadget

Batman Attacks the Valiant Universe

Batman teaming up with Power Man and Iron Fist

Batman and Moon Knight

Dark Knight Returns Crossover with the Watchmen

Batman vs the Sinister Six

Batman vs the Melter

Batman and the Confessor

Batman and the Great Lakes Avengers

Batman and Indiana Jones

Batman and Top 10

Golden Age Batman and Tom Strong

Batman and Jesse Custer

Batman and TMNT

Batman and Robin with Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl

Batman and Kiss

Batman teamed with Jean Grey (preferably as Phoenix)! (Romantically or not is up to you)

Batman vs. The Shredder

…Batman meets Super Grover?

Batman meets Captain Klutz.

batman & robin ’66 teamed up with The Monkees! ✌️

I would love to see Batman fighting The Crazy 88’s from “Kill Bill”

Batman fighting crime on Sesame Street.

, Batman showing Superman how to take down Doomsday because, well, he’s Batman.

Batman and Captain Britain against Mad Jim Jaspers or the Fury.

Batman teams with BBC Sherlock to Catch Hannibal Lector

Batman vs. Janet Van Dyne (ala “Quiet or Papa spank” and Hank Pym’s wife beating moment)

Batman with the Fantastic Four vs. Doom and Mole-Man

Batman team up with Zorro and the DCUA Grey Ghost.

Batman teams up with Deadpool vs. Lobo

Batman vs Deadpool

Batman vs. Boba Fett

Batman teams up with the Tick to fight the Terror.

Batman with the Ninja Turtles facing Shredder

or what if batman + sailor moon VS Boba fett

Batman and John McClane team up in DARK KNIGHTS DIE HARD.

what if Batman teamed up with Ultraman to fight Megatron as drawn by Andy Kubert?

Batman and Moon Knight

Batman Vs. Sadako from the Ring

Batman Vs. the original Thunderbolts

DCAU Batman on Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Batman and Mego Spider-Man from Twisted Toyfare Theatre.

Batman and Don Martin’s Captain Klutz

Batman and Ant-Man

Batman and Mighty Mouse’s Bat-Bat

Batman and Blade

Batman vs Zombie Jughead

Batman and Captain Sprocket

Batman vs. the Red Baron

Batman and Pureheart the Powerful

Batman and pre-vampire Jubilee!

Batman and Charlie Brown vs the Kite-Eating Tree

Batman teamed up with the Gargoyles

Batman and the Powerpuff Girls vs. Him.

Batman and Santa Claus vs Heat Miser and Snow Miser

Batman and Raphael Vs. Shredder

Proto-Batman (red suit, wings) vs the Superman (bald villain of the Reign of the Super-Man story)

Batman and Conan the Barbarian team up against Cthulhu.

Batman and Mack Bolan, the Executioner. Or Batman and Marc Bolan from T.Rex.

Batman and The Avenger (Richard Henry Benson, the pulp hero from Justice Inc.)…wait, have they teamed up before?

Batman & Freakazoid

Batman & Danny the Street

Team-up between Batman, Nite-Owl, Midnighter, Moon Knight, and Nighthawk.

Batman & Archie’s Super Teens

Batman & Pinkie Pie

Batman teamed up with any or all of the Mane Six from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Batman & Dark Claw (Amalgam Universe)

Batman and Shang-Chi join forces against Ra’s Al Ghul and Fu Manchu.

Batman & Squirrel Girl

Batman & the Mysterious Mare Do Well (MLP FiM)

Batman & Wile E Coyote in his ACME Batman suit

Batman & Die Fledermaus (the Tick)

Batman & Straw Man

Golden Age Batman & Robin meet the Minutemen (Watchmen)

Batman & Nite-Owl

Batman & V (for Vendetta)

Batman & Prez Rickard

Batman teaming up with the Real Ghostbusters against My Pet Monster, Alf and Kirby

I have always wanted to see a young Batman up against a young Dr. Doom.

Stanley and His Monster vs. Wild Dog.

Batman and WordGirl versus the Riddler.

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