The Line it is Drawn – 2014 Artist Try Outs: Week One!

Welcome, folks! We have quite an array of artistic talent for you this week and next! Today, we'll show entries by the artists who want to draw for the Line. Then next week we'll show one more entry from each artist. Then you'll vote next week for your favorites and I'll add two artists based on your votes and then I'll add three more based on my own judgment (and probably a secret panel of people helping me out).

There's so many entries that I'm splitting them into groups of ten, each group is on its own individual page. I'm posting them in the order that I received them. These will be the groups for Week 2, as well, for ease of remembering each artist. By the way, this week is all cover homage, but I think you can figure out what cover is being homaged, so I'm not going to detail each one.

As an aside, man, this is going to be rough picking out only a handful. Soooo many good artists.

NOTE: For the try-out artists themselves, I've placed the choices for next week on the very last page. So if you're one of the try-out artists, feel free to go right to Page 9. And for everyone else, feel free to skip Page 9, as there is no art on that page.



This was drawn by Matt Sandbrook. His website is here.

These three were drawn by Jared Schwartz.

These three were drawn by Adam Cozart.

This was drawn by Miki Quix.

This was drawn by Rod Allen. His website is here.

This was drawn by Hector Enrique Amavizca. His website is here.

This was drawn by Dan Wolff. His website is here.

This was drawn by Stephen Hesselman. His website is here.

This was drawn by Izet Seferagic.

This was drawn by DJ Rothenbecker.

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