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The Line it is Drawn #2, 8/10/10

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The Line it is Drawn #2, 8/10/10

Let’s get the standard stuff out of the way.

You should follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter (if you have Twitter, that is – if you don’t, you can go sign up). Here is our Twitter page… And here are the Comics Should Be Good writers who are on Twitter (the links go to the person’s Twitter account) – myself, Chad Nevett, Kelly Thompson, Sonia Harris Danielle Leigh, Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith!

The blog’s Twitter account updates whenever a new post is put up on the blog, so it’s an easy way to keep up with the blog. Plus, if we reach 2,000 followers, I’ll do an extra edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed the week we hit 2,000. At 3,000 followers, I will do another Month of Greatest Stories Ever Told!

Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our SIX blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the top six choices from the previous week.

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (all suggestions due by 11:59 PM Eastern on Thursday, August 12th):

Last week I asked you to do a mash-up between a Marvel Comics property and a Walt Disney property. Well, this time around let’s do the same with a DC Comics property and a Warner Brothers property. Besides the Looney Tunes characters AND the Hanna-Barbera characters, here is a list of all Warner Brothers films. To help, here are some especially notable films by Warner Brothers: The Maltese Falcon, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Little Caesar, Scarface, Casablanca, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Big Sleep, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, A Streetcar Named Desire, East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, The Searchers, Ocean’s Eleven, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Bonny and Clyde, Cool Hand Luke, The Wild Bunch, Bullitt, The Clockwork Orange, Deliverance, The Exorcist, Blazing Saddles, The Outlaw Josey Wales, A Star is Born, The Shining, Caddyshack, Police Academy, Full Metal Jacket, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix…really, the list is practically endless.

Read on for the six sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge:

Come up with a cool combination of a Marvel Comics property with a Walt Disney property.


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

adampknave suggested:

Duck-Things HueyThing, DewyThing and LouieThing.

Rafael Desquitado is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on image to enlarge)

BigMike20X6 suggested:

Incredibles/Fantastic Four

Daniel Irizarri is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on image to enlarge)

Doubting_Tom suggested:

Kim Possible, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Erich Owen is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on image to enlarge)

JimSche suggested:

Snow White and She-Hulk

George Zapata is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on image to enlarge)

MMelchor suggested:

Thanos + Chernabog = Thanobog. An evil that only the combined might of the Avengers & the Incredibles could stop. Awesome.

Caanan Grall is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on image to enlarge)

RayGerena suggested:

“Aww shucks”, Mickey, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, opens a portal to the Dark Dimension freeing Dormammu to enslave the Earth.

Brad Millette is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on image to enlarge)

Pretty darn awesome, guys!

Thanks so much to the artists and the suggestion-givers! Now everyone head off to Twitter and give them some good options for next week!

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