The Line it is Drawn #195 - Fun With Time Travel!

Welcome to our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from YOUR suggestions!

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Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the choices picked from the previous week. Here is an archive of all the previous editions of The Line It Is Drawn!

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply - so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 3pm Pacific Friday).

The topic is...

Team-up or mash-up a comic character with a Walt Disney character.

Read on for the sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

In honor of X-Men Days of Future Past, it's time travel time! Take a current comic book character and send them back in time to prevent a notable event from the past of DC, Marvel, Image or whatever. Deadpool trying to save Gwen Stacy, that sort of thing.


I'll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners! Click on any image to enlarge it!

B_Granderson suggested

ms. marvel (the new one) saves kyle rayner's girlfriend from being fridged

Sean McFarland is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

B_Granderson suggested

the metal men form a net to save dick grayson's parents

This one was drawn by Rachel Ordway. Here is her website.

BigMike20X6 suggested

Hit-Girl stops The Burglar before he gets to the Parker home

This one was drawn by Fernando Pinto. Here is his website.

BigMike20X6 suggested

DKR Batman goes back to stop Ozymandias' plan

Axel Medellin drew this one. His website is here.

CraigOxbrow and Moecah suggested

Red Skull tries to kill Cap while he's frozen

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

JeffKeely suggested

The Power Rangers travel back in time to prevent Hal Jordan from wiping out the Green Lantern Corps.

This one was drawn by Mathieu Parent. Here is his website.

p_keely suggested

Magneto goes back in time to prevent the Holocaust

Nelson Flores did the art for this one.

p_keely suggested

Superman travels to the Image Universe to stop the raping of Invincible

This one was drawn by Uncle Woofie.

therealAstrozac suggested

Batman in the Crusades

Cynthia "Thea" Sousa drew this one. Her website is here. If Amanda Rodgers could save time in a bottle, the first thing that she'd like to do is to save every day till eternity passes away just to spend them coloring art pieces. You can see an eternity of work from Amanda at her website here.

therealAstrozac suggested

Mary Jane Watson goes back to save Gwen Stacy

Nick Perks is the artist for this one, also. Here is his website.

therealAstrozac suggested

Lady Liberty goes back to the late 30s to warn Siegel and Shuster about keeping ownership of characters

Paul Hostetler did the art for this one. Here is his website.

wrinklytimelord suggested

the Hulk goes back to the "Death Of Superman" to see if he could kick Doomsday's butt

This one was drawn by Tsubasa Yozora. Here is his website.

Great stuff, everyone!

Okay, people, get to Twitter and tweet us suggestions for next week!

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