The Light #1 Review!

I was going to do an advance review of Nathan Edmonson and Brett Weldele's new horror series from Image Comics, The Light, but I think it is probably most helpful to get this to you on the day that you actually go to get your comic books.

The Light #1 is a great opening to an exceptionally spooky horror series that gets you right into the greatest scares that you can get - the "psychological terror" of what happens when pretty much any electrical light can kill you.

The gist of the set-up is that something has infected "the grid." So basically any light that is attached to any sort of "grid" (street lights, TVs, computers - anything connected to the an outside power source) contains some sort of spooky virus that infects people and blows them up from the inside.

I believe Edmonson is going for a general idea of "Wow, in 2010, we are all so connected to the media that if anything ever happened through the media, then pretty much all of us would be screwed at once," which is cool (Grant Morrison used a similar approach in Final Crisis for the delivery of the Anti-Life Equation).

However, while that larger idea definitely IS cool, the localized effect is even cooler, and it's one that Edmonson spends the book spotlighting (no pun intended) by focusing on this one welder who is pretty much a self-absorbed jerk. But when people start dying (and his welder goggles give him protection from "the light"), he realizes that he has to do whatever he can to protect his teenaged daughter (who is no fan of his, as they had to move back in with his mother after his marriage broke up due to his cheating) and his mother.

I really enjoyed Edmonson's choice of lead character - he is a bit of a broken guy, but the whole idea of survival is so easy to relate to that you can't help but root for the guy as he tries to save himself and his daughter. ESPECIALLY when he doesn't know about the "grid" thing - imagine trying to figure something like that out without first knowing what the deal is?

Weldele, meanwhile, is absolutely brilliant with the spooky, eerie artwork, completely capturing the frightening mood. Here are a few sample pages...

Pretty darn sweet, huh?

ESPECIALLY the way he has chosen to depict the "infection" of people with the light.

Today sees the release of #1 of a five-part series.

Be sure to pick up #1 today and tell your comic store to make sure they order the rest of the series!


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