<i>The Leonardo Job</i> Coming From <i>Riddick's</i> David Twohy

It's looking like David Twohy will be busy for the next stretch of time as he works with Vin Diesel on their upcoming Riddick movie, but plans are still moving forward for other projects from the filmmaker. One such effort is The Leonardo Job, a heist flick that Twohy wrote about the theft of a "lost" painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The Wrap reports that Alcon Entertainment is in the midst of final negotiations to finance it, with Twohy attached to direct.

The story follows two competing thieves who journey to Florence, Italy, in search of the lost painting. Most of the movie will revolve around each one's attempts to one-up the other's efforts in their search. Expect the two roles to go to likable actors, however, as the duo eventually must team up and work together when they learn that they're not alone in their quest.

Twohy has a way of making even the most simple-sounding genre film pop in interesting ways. The Leonardo Job doesn't sound like anything we haven't seen before, but it should be a fun ride regardless.

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