"The LEGO Movie" Directors to Bring "Greatest American Hero" Back to TV

Believe it or not, Deadline reports that "The LEGO Movie" and "21 Jump Street" directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are rebooting "The Greatest American Hero" for new life on television at FOX. The duo will serve as executive producers on the series along with original series creator Steven J. Cannell's daughter. The series will be written and executive produced by Rodney Rothman, who co-wrote "22 Jump Street" with Lord and Miller.

Following in the spiritual footsteps of the original series, "The Greatest American Hero" will focus on Isaac, an inner-city teacher who discovers a super-suit that gives him incredible superhuman abilities. The plot synopsis provided by Deadline also mentions a "government handler who has very different objectives than [Isaac]."

The original series starred < ahref="https://www.comicbookresources.com/tag/william+katt">William Katt as special education teacher Ralph Hinkley, who receives a super suit from a group of aliens to help save the world from its own destruction. The suit granted Ralph a number of different powers, including flight, super strength, invisibility, X-fay vision, telepathy and much more. The series also starred Robert Culp as FBI agent Bill Maxwell and Connie Sellecca as lawyer Pam Davidson.

The new series has received a put pilot commitment from FOX, meaning that the network will air the pilot episode or owe substantial monetary penalties to the studio.

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