'The Leftovers' Supporting Cast Could Vanish For Season 2

For its second season, HBO's The Leftovers is undergoing a "creative reboot," according to a report from Deadline. The series shake-up could see its supporting cast disappear, as the main cast moves away from the fictional small-town of Mapletown, New York -- the primary locale of the first season -- to a new location.

Reportedly returning are all members of the Garvey family -- including Justin Theroux's Chief of Police Kevin Garvey, his estranged wife and chain-smoking Guilty Remnant member played Amy Brenneman, as well as their children played by Margaret Qualley and Chris Zylka. Christopher Eccleston's reverend and Carrie Coon, who plays guilt-stricken Nora Durst, will also reportedly return.

However, the fate of everyone from The Twins (played by Max and Charlie Carver) to Liv Tyler's Meg Abbott appear to be up in the air. Although the report mentions that Tyler could possibly return as a guest appearance.

The Leftovers was developed for HBO by Lost's Damon Lindelof and author Tom Perrotta, based on Perrota's novel of the same name. The series and book are set in the aftermath of the Sudden Departure, a global event that caused 2% of the world's population to vanish. The events of the first season concluded by catching up to the events of Perrota's book.

The report cites part of the reason for a creative changes is that the producers "liked the story opportunities that would come from exploring the world beyond Mapleton."

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