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Official Press Release

The countdown to MegaCon '06 continues. With less than three months

until the doors open, MegaCon '06 just continues to add great guests to

its already impressive roster and the list of incredible planned events

just keeps getting better.

This year's guest list includes many names that have never attended

MegaCon before as well as some of our returning friends. Whether you're

a fan of Modern, Golden Age or Silver Age comics, you'll find one of

your favorite creators at this year's show. Start digging through your

collection for comics to have autographed as these are the latest comic

book guests to sign up:

• Nick Cardy (Aquaman, Teen Titans, Batlash)

• Jim Cheung (Young Avengers, Scion)

• Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Tomb Raider, Catwoman)

• Jonathan and Joshua Luna (Ultra, Girls)

• Bob McLeod (X-Men, Spider-Man)

• Tim Townsend (Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men)

• George Tuska (Iron Man)

And we are very pleased to have one of the greats of comics' history

joining us for the first time: Al Feldstein. Al Feldstein was the

editor, writer and an artist for most of the E.C. Comics line from 1949

to 1956. He created "Tales from the Crypt" and other Golden Age E.C.

titles, writing almost all of the stories and doing some story artwork,

but focusing mainly on the covers. Adaptations of his stories were

featured on TV in HBO's "Tales from the Crypt."

After E.C. Comics, Al Feldstein went on to become the editor of "MAD

Magazine" from 1956 to 1984 where he adopted and christened Alfred E.

Neuman as its trademark/logo and turned the original cult-magazine into

an American Icon.

Be sure to come by and thank him for helping make comics what they are


The Best Exhibitors and Dealers!

Along with an incredible list of guests, MegaCon '06 also features a

premier exhibitor and dealer list. The current list of who will be there

displaying their products or selling merchandise includes:


Brian Pulido/Lady Death

Coliseum of Comics

Crusade Entertainment

Funimation Productions


Ringling School of Art and Design


Students of the Unusual

Superverse/Zoom Suit

The Dave School

Top Cow

Top Shelf Productions

A & S Animation, Inc

C & F Graphics/T & G Books

Cyberlight Comics

J. Baker Publication

Lunar Moth Entertainment

M Press/Dark Horse

Paladin 7 Graphics

Particle 9 Productions

Proto-Hype Studios, Inc

Revenant Studios

Seeker Entertainment

T.R. & Co. Studios

Wet Ink Studios

Anime Hurricane

Anime Palace

Anime Pavilion

Anime Remix

Apocalypse Comics

Avalon Manga Shop

Bad Apple Comics

Basement Comics

Bast's Garden


Bedrock City Comics

Bloody Mary

Brad's Sportscards & Collectibles

Brute Force Leather


Capt. Lou's Comic Store

Cards Comics Collectibles

Cartoon Passion

Cartoonists Across America & The World

CCC Promotions/Hotflips

Collectibles Insurance Agency

Collector's Comics

Collector's Corner

Comic Central

Comics Guarantee Corp. (CGC)

Crazy Ed's Comics

Cunningham Comics

Dale Roberts Comics

Dave's Collectibles

Dave's Comics


Famous Faces


Florida Oriental Trading

Fuzzy Pal/Fairy Life

Goldcoast Collectibles

Graham Cracker Comics

Greg White Comic Books

Half Full Studios

Heroes and Dragons.com

Hollywood Book and Posters

Honeck Sculpture

House Of Anime/Jpophouse


J & J Enterprises


K and J Non-Sports Cards

Koops Comics

La Wren's Nest

Mig.Biz, LLC

Monk Studios

Neat Stuff Collectibles.com

Offworld Design

Premeire Collectibles "Lightech"

Read More Comics

Sigh Co Graphics

Super Sword Center

TBS Comics

Terribly Odd

The Gift

Tim Gordon

Tim Lohn

Troma Entertainment, Inc.

Unique Visions

Unknown Comics


Yes Anime, Inc.

Yum Yum Anime

Be sure to bring your want lists with you, as there will be plenty of

opportunities to purchase the comics, cards, toys, anime, manga, games,

and other collectibles that you're looking for.

Anime Costume Contest!

At this year's convention, MegaCon plays host to the 7th Annual Anime

Costume Contest presented by Anime Sushi. As has become a tradition at

each year's convention, the costume contest continues to grow by leaps

and bounds.

This year's event takes place on Saturday, February 25, 2006. The

contest is in two parts: prejudging and stage presentation. In order to

participate, you must be a paid convention attendee and fill out a

registration form. You can enter either as an individual or a group.

Registration forms will be available in person all day Friday, February

24 and the morning of Saturday, February 25. Or you can pre-register

online from January 15, 2006 through February 15. Those that

pre-register online will allowed in line for prejudging early so we

recommend you pre-register online. Prejudging will be held in Room 222 B

and will begin at 10:45 AM for those pre-registered and at 11:00 AM for

those registering at the convention. The absolute cut off for entries is

11:30 AM. At pre-judging you must be signed up, already received your

entry number, be in full costume and come prepared with source material

for the judges. If you have any questions, you can come get answers at

Room 222 B at 10:30 AM.

The stage presentations will then be held at 4:30 PM in Room 224 so you

must be in the hall no later than 4:15 PM for line up. All contestants

will be allowed to walk on stage as there will be no pre-eliminations.

Awards will be based on Technical Merit, Creativity, Accuracy,

Originality and Quality, not on how much you paid for your costume. No

points will be given for cosplaying during the actual contest. We

recommend that if you don't have a good skit worked up, it's best for

you to just pose for pictures.

If you have a favorite anime character and you wish to participate, be

sure to follow these regulations.

1. Your character MUST be ANIME. Japanese animated series/movies and

J-Pop/rock and video game characters (Japanese based) will only be

allowed. NO American superheroes, cartoon characters, etc.

2. Time limit on stage is ONE (1) minute.

3. You don't have to do a skit. All judging will be done ahead of the

stage presentations. Just simply pose for pictures and smile for the camera.

4. Audio CDs only. NO mp3s. There will be no cueing for the music. Your

CD starts when you enter the stage. Preset any pauses into your CD if

it's important to you.

5. One entry per person/costume. Group OR individual.

6. NO COMMISSIONED COSTUMES. This means the costume you're wearing must

have been created by YOU. You could have had help in creating it, but

you must have participated.

7. Prejudging and Stage presentation are a must to qualify for an award.

8. Source Material. This is the most important part of Prejudging. Be

sure to bring a photo or other source material of your character so the

judges know who you're supposed to be.

9. Weapons/Props should be left at home. If it looks real, it could get

you in trouble. Be sure to check out MegaCon's formal policy which can

be found here: http://www.megaconvention.com/weapons.asp.

10. No messes. No silly string, no confetti, no water, NO MESS.

11. No swinging of any props and No jumping off stage. If you get hurt,

you spoil things for everyone.

12. No obscene costumes or skits. No nudity, no t-backs, etc. This is a

family show.

13. Kids aged 0-13 will be judged separate.

To see photos from last year's contest and to read the official detailed

rules, go here: http://www.megaconvention.com/anime.asp. Good luck!


How about working at the con? Volunteers are still needed to assist in

making sure the convention runs smooth. If you're at least 18 years old

and can handle the responsibility, you can join the elite MegaCon

volunteers. Follow this link for all the details and to fill out the

application: http://www.megaconvention.com/volunteer_main.asp.

Holiday Gift!

What's better than giving your favorite comics, gaming, anime, manga,

toy fan three days of fun and excitement? MegaCon '06 tickets make the

perfect stocking stuffer and are available to order online right now.

You can order tickets by going here:

Learn More!

To learn more about MegaCon, log onto: www.megaconvention.com


We look forward to seeing you at the Orange County Convention Center in

Orlando, Florida on February 24-26, 2006 for MegaCon '06!

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