The latest Humble Bundle is music to our ears

The latest Humble Bundle book bundle has been unveiled, and it's a musical mix of novels and graphic novels that are either by or about musicians.

The Humble Bundle deal lasts for two weeks, and it works like this: For the first tier, you pay what you want — as little as a penny. This gets you seven items, including three graphic novels: The first volume of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's gods-as-rock-stars series The Wicked + The Divine, the first volume of Rick Spears and Chuck BB's Black Metal and This Is a Souvenir: Songs of Spearmint & Shirley Lee, an anthology of short stories based on the songs of the British group Spearmint, plus three prose novels (two by Rush drummer Neil Peart) and an audio collection of Pete Seeger's spoken-word pieces.

Like everything sold as part of a Humble Bundle, these are totally DRM-free digital files, available in a number of different formats.

Humble Bundle has a rather interesting pricing structure: To get the next tier, you have to pay more than the average price, which gives readers an incentive to buy early, while the price is low — thus driving the average price up. Very clever. As of this writing, the average price is $7.18, and for that you get four graphic novels, including the first volume of Gillen and McKelvie's Phonogram and Eric Stephenson and Nate Bellegarde's Nowhere Men, plus four prose works. More titles will be added to this tier later in the promotion.

And finally, a flat $15 gets you all of that plus The Fifth Beatle and the first volume of Hip Hop Family Tree, and really, who cares about anything else, because if you're into those comics, that's a great deal right there.

Plus every bundle gets two free songs. And as is always the case with Humble Bundle, the buyer can choose how much of the purchase price goes to the publishers, how much to Humble Bundle itself, and how much to charity—in this case, Musicians on Call, which provides live music for people who are bedridden.

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