The Last Phantom Vol. 1: Ghost Walk TPB

Story by
Art by
Eduardo Ferigato
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

For more than twenty generations, the sons of Kit Walker have taken up the pistols and signet rings of The Ghost Who Walks to defend the defenseless of Bengali and throughout the world.

For reasons as yet revealed, the latest Kit Walker-last son of the heroic lineage-has opted to walk away from The Phantom's self-appointed mission...

But as forces from without and within conspire to control Bengali, Kit finds himself and those he holds most dear in the crosshairs!

Is being The Phantom a choice or an unavoidable fate? For the latest Kit Walker, the answers will reveal themselves like specters escaping newly dug graves as he embarks on the far-reaching "GHOSTWALK" to discover where his destiny truly lies!

Collection Features:

Issues 1-6 of the Dynamite's all-new take on Lee Faulk's classic character by Scott Beatty (Buck Rogers) and Eduardo Ferigato

All of the series covers by Alex Ross (Marvels), Joe Prado (Blackest Night) and Fabiano Neves (Red Sonja)

Design and Sketchbook section by Alex Ross and Eduardo Ferigato

"The Last Phantom is a solid success thanks to a talented creative team and a property that's ready to get a shot in the arm." - brokenfrontier

"An enjoyable read" - majorspoilers

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