The Kurgan vs. Ramirez in new "Highlander" Miniseries

Official Press Release

Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT released images and information today announcing the release of Highlander: Way of the Sword #3, the third part of an all-new, four-issue Highlander mini-series event that will span the ages and explore the Highlander mythos with a tale of the original Highlander, Connor MacLeod, as he searches for the sword of his mentor, Ramirez!

J.T. (Mike Turner's Fathom) Krul provides the incredible script for Highlander: Way of the Sword, while fan-favorite artist Carlos Rafael and colorist Carlos Lopez provides the stunning visuals. Issue #3 is scheduled for a January release with another set of "Immortal" connecting covers by Jean Diaz!

"Way of the Sword" continues with the same successful design as Dynamite's first twelve-issue Highlander series by expanding on the adventures of the original characters while remaining faithful to the true mythos of the Immortals and their Game. Already, writers such as Brandon Jerwa and Michael Avon Oeming have shown the behind the scenes maneuverings of the Immortals, as well as what the future holds in the Highlander arena. Now writer J. T Krul opens the back story by revealing the first meeting of Connor MacLeod's mentor, Ramirez and the villainous Kurgan! Although fans of the original Highlander movie know the fate of these intriguing characters, now they will see the set up to one of the greatest adventures of all time. This mini-series is both a must for Highlander fans, as well as open and accessible to new readers!

HIGHLANDER: WAY OF THE SWORD #3 (NOV073473) Writer: JT KRUL; Penciller: CARLOS RAFAEL; Covers: JEAN DIAZ (connecting covers)

HIGHLANDER: WAY OF THE SWORD #2 (OCT073408) Writer: JT KRUL; Covers: JEAN DIAZ (connecting covers); Penciller: CARLOS RAFAEL

HIGHLANDER: WAY OF THE SWORD #1 (SEP073520) Writer: JT KRUL; Covers: JEAN DIAZ (connecting covers); Penciller: CARLOS RAFAEL



For art and more information please visit: http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/p-C109163.html

Dynamite plans to have incredible support for this release with house ads, Diamond Previews Ads, online ads through news websites, as well as prints ads in Comic Shop News!

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