The Killing Teaser Trailer Arrives

A serial killer is coming to Seattle, and hopefully Linden and Holder are ready for him. A new teaser for the third season of The Killing has arrived, and it shows the crime-fighting duo reunite over a common cause.

It's already been revealed that Season 3 picks up a good deal of time after Season 2 ended, and both Mireille Enos' and Joel Kinnaman's characters are in very different places in their lives. While Holder has a “new suit, new partner and an improved outlook on life," Linden is working on a ferry and hooking up with a 25-year-old.

Still, a serial killer seems to be enough to return The Killing's main characters to one another's company. A new image from the series, which can be seen below courtesy of TVLine, shows Holder and Linden together once again. In the background are new street kid characters who will be played by Cate Sproule, Julia Sarah Stone, Max Fowler and Bex Taylor Klaus.

TVLive writes that Season 3 follows Holder's search for a runaway girl which "leads to a string of murders related to an investigation from Linden’s past." Peter Sarsgaard plays the inmate seen in the above trailer, who is the man Linden got locked up who left her so messed up in Seasons 1 and 2. It will be interesting to see how that backstory plays in to the current serial killer who is loose in Washington.

The Killing returns to AMC on June 2.

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