"The Killer" Returns with Promo Trailer and #5 & #6

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Kearny, NJ -- The acclaimed THE KILLER returns with a triple hit this month. First target: an online trailer has been created to introduce new readers to the series and the recently released hardcover THE KILLER Volume 1, collecting the first four issues of the gritty noir thriller. Watch the trailer, read up on what people have been saying about the book, and check out some of the book's interior pages.

The other hits? The highly anticipated issues of the continuing series. THE KILLER #5 (Diamond Code: JUN07 3246, $3.95) and THE KILLER #6 (Diamond Code: AUG07 3378, $3.95) hit stores this past Wed Oct 24.

"We had noted a couple of years ago that a couple of French publishers were creating animated trailers to help promote their books, and that US publishers were starting to do the same," said Mark Smylie, publisher of ASP. "THE KILLER is visually a cinematic work as drawn by Luc Jacamon, and so it lent itself quite naturally to the creation of a short trailer. And we're looking to do other trailers in the near future, including for REVERE and OKKO. We hope our fans, new and old, will enjoy watching them as much as we enjoy making them, as we hope fans enjoy reading the books as much as we enjoy publishing them."

THE KILLER, the cult classic from France, brings to the U.S. a professional killer. A man of few scruples, nerves of steel and a steady trigger finger. A man whose crimes might be catching up with him. A man on the verge of cracking. THE KILLER chronicles one man's journey through some seriously bad mojo. According to writer Matz: "Some say my Killer is a cynic, a pessimist, politically incorrect; I'd say he is all that, but the overall purpose of the series is humanist. This is what is going on here: trying to see the world as it is. Get rid of all the political correctness, clichés, empty ideas, and deal with it."

THE KILLER Volume 1 (Writer: Matz, Artist: Luc Jacamon, ISBN: 978-1-932386-44-8, $19.95, 128-page full-color hardcover, Genres: Crime / Suspense / Drama, Mature Readers: graphic violence, nudity, strong sexual content).

THE KILLER and all ASP comics and books are available at finer comic shops everywhere and on amazon.com.

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