The Joker Gives Batman's Costume a Crazy Redesign in SDCC Exclusive Figure

A new action figure from Entertainment Earth depicts what would happen if the Joker designed Batman's costume -- and the results are "a mess."

The 19" tall "Batman v Superman: Jokers Wild Batman - Convention Exclusive" figure debuts this summer at Comic-Con International: San Diego, and brightens up Batman's classic costume by adding graffiti that "reflects Joker's insane ideology." As Entertainment Earth says, the Joker "tagged old pointy ears with his name and a bunch of crude symbols and drawings.... This is what happens in Gotham City when you don't lock up the spray paint at the art store!"

In addition to the unique paint job, the "Jokers Wild" figure stands 19-inches tall, making it a perfect fit with the rest of Jakks Pacific's Big Fig lineup, and features seven points of articulation and a special box representing Gotham City's graffiti-stained walls. The "Jokers Wild" figure will first go on sale at Entertainment Earth's San Diego Comic-Con booth (#2343) when the convention begins on July 20. If any figures remain after the convention, they'll be sold on Entertainment Earth's website, which is currently accepting pre-orders for $59.99. Only 3,000 figures will be produced.

The "Batman v Superman: Jokers Wild Batman - Convention Exclusive" is just one of many convention-exclusive Joker-themed collectibles coming to SDCC this year. Mattel will launch its own exclusive Joker figure, based on the villain's appearance in David Ayer's upcoming "Suicide Squad" film, at the show. Meanwhile, Diamond Direct will sell a "Suicide Squad"-inspired Joker plushie in addition to a number of Batman-themed statuettes.

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