The Inhumans, Green Lantern, Super: Mar 8th Comic Reel


Spinoff Online hears rumblings of Black Bolt and his kind finding their way to feature films. The story leads back to Badass Digest and an item on It's On the Grid, which refers to the project as centering around "aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don't want to cause war." Sounds like a "Secret Invasion" off-shoot. Since I'm wildly speculating here, could you accept Black Bolt as a Skrull?

Release date: TBA


Collider reports that the cast of the film will appear at WonderCon in San Francisco next month. According to the press release, "Fans attending on Friday, April 1st, the first day of WonderCon, will be treated to a special 'Green Lantern' talent signing and panel featuring stars of the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures feature film: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard. The signing begins at 4 p.m., followed by the panel discussion at 5." The direct-to-video feature, "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" will also premiere that evening.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Here at CBR, we have a look at director James Gunn and Star Rainn Wilson's visit to Emerald City Comic Con. Wilson's mother was also in attendance. "I can't believe the nerds made her sit in the back," he said before ordering the crowd to stand up while she walked to the front of the room. The panel also encountered real-life crime fighter Phoenix Jones. "Yesterday, I got stabbed by someone with a key," said the hero.

Release date: TBA


Robert Downey Jr. tells MTV News about returning to the series without original director Jon Favreau:

Release Date: May 3rd, 2013


Various sites are linking to this French version of the trailer, which features a few moments of new footage and the characters dubbed into the language of love:

Meanwhile, star Chris Hemsworth speaks with Comic Book Movie's Ed Gross about the film:

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date: May 6th, 2011


Star Noomi Rapace offers MTV News a few details about the "Alien" quasi-prequel, including a brief sketch of her character.

Not to be a huge nerd, but Elizabeth Shaw was the name of a "Doctor Who" character from the seventies who also fought alien menaces. She also had a habit of wearing disco boots.

Release date: June 8th, 2012


So at one point, it looked like everything was a go for director Guillermo del Toro's film adaptation of Lovecraft's novel. Now, not so much. "Universal has been balking over the $150 million budget and R rating," writes Deadline's Mike Fleming. "This despite the fact that del Toro had Tom Cruise ready to star in the film, with James Cameron producing with Don Murphy and Susan Montford, and Cameron god-fathering the 3D process. Del Toro and his team have delivered a stunning visual presentation that met the studio's budget specifications, but I'm told the studio is still wary about the R rating and price." That's a shame. Del Toro has been trying to make this movie for a long time.

Release date: TBA


Here at CBR, we have a few clips from the upcoming episode, "Bereft," which seems the team in Bialya. Oh, they also seem to be suffering from partial amnesia.

Airs: Friday


Continuing our "Star Trek" theme, William Shatner woke up the crew of the space shuttle Discovery yesterday. It's the shuttle's final mission and it will soon be retired, so the actor offered these words to the spacecraft and her crew (via NASA):

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