"The Incredible Hulk" Smashes Into June 27th, 2008

You may not like Bruce Banner when he's mad, but Marvel Comics is hoping you'll like him when he's green & in the middle of high-octane action. As reported earlier today in "Variety," Marvel Comics has scheduled "The Incredible Hulk" for a June 27th 2008 release, positioning it to pull in the July 4th crowds. It's not known if this is meant to be a sequel to the controversial "Hulk" film, released in 2003 to poor reviews and a poor take at the box office, or if it is an entirely new incarnation of the Hulk.

"You will like (the Hulk) when he's angry," said Marvel in the press release announcing the film.

Attached to the film are director Louis Leterrier, writer Zak Penn (of "X-Men: The Last Stand" fame), producers Avi Arad, Kevin Feige and Gale Anne Hurd and Marvel's very own film division.

With "Spider-Man" 3 in 2007, "Iron Man" in May 2008, and the upcoming "Wolverine" solo film (no release date), it's a great time to be a Marvel Comics fans. Add in the slew of other upcoming comic book films, from "The Dark Knight," "Hellboy 2" to the unnamed "Superman Returns" sequel, and it's a great time to be a comic book fan.

Still, the question on the minds of most fans has to be this: how does this film relate to the previous "Hulk" film? Some audiences may be reticent to invest in another incarnation of the Jade Giant. Some audiences may want to see the original film continued in a sequel after their two hours of investment in the first film. Marvel makes no mention of "Incredible Hulk" being a sequel, and with no sign of involvement from Eric Bana, this film should be quite a different beast than its predecessor. That said, the Hulk has excellent brand recognition with mainstream consumers, who fondly remember the television series, the "Hulk Smash" gloves released to tie-in with the last film, and have no doubt recognized the green giant appearing in a slew of vintage t-shirts.

Stay tuned to CBR News and The Comic Reel for more information on this story as it develops. If the Hulk smashes, Hannibal Tabu and his Comic Reel Daily Wrap will be there to report it.

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