The Incredible Hulk is a big baby in New York City mural

It's been said the Hulk acts like a baby as he reverts to his base instincts, but now one artist has actually transformed the Green Goliath into one.

Artist Ron English recently completed a mural in New York City called Temper Tot that depicts Hulk as a baby -- or a baby as the Hulk, depending on how you look at it. Behind the baby Hulk is an American flag collage that English calls his Propoganda series. An earlier version of the piece can still be seen on the Lower East Side on Mulberry Street.

The artwork, which is on display at the corner of Houston and Bowery, has been the site of numerous street art projects from the likes of Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring and others. The wall is owned by Goldman Properties.

(via CNN)

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