"The Homeless Channel" Debuts Matt Silady's Most Personal Work

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF - Publisher Larry Young announced today that his publishing house, AiT/Planet Lar, will be debuting THE HOMELESS CHANNEL, from Matt Silady, in May. "Mimi (Rosenheim, AiT/ Planet Lar publisher) and I have been following Matt's progress on his project since the last WonderCon and Alternative Press Expo, with an eye towards publishing it. I've always enjoyed the purity and honesty of the minicomic, from our own company's genesis with the early ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE minicomics I wrote and drew, to Brian Wood's pre-CHANNEL ZERO comics we've published as PUBLIC DOMAIN, and Rob Osborne's, and Becky Cloonan's early work (which brought them to our attention), to Matt Fraction's early dabblings, so I always try to keep a finger on the pulse," said Young. "And Matt Silady's rumination on society and responsibility is indicative of the next- step in entertainment."

"Offering up the Next Big Thing is what we're all about… and Marvel and DC are like Frito-Lay, if you know what I mean," said Young,"selling their chips they know people already like and scooping up the innovators' next, new products. AiT is like the smaller potato chip house, who make the goodness that Frito-Lay can vacuum up afterwards and market in their own image. And I really think Matt Silady and his style is going to be the new flavor of chip, tortured metaphor that that is. THE HOMELESS CHANNEL is the comic book version of the snack food that's good for you."

After teaching 8th grade for six years in Champaign, Illinois, Matt Silady decided to take a chance, head west, and pursue his dream to become a professional writer. His first stop was the MA Program in Creative Writing at the University of California-Davis. "The fiction program at Davis gave me a great opportunity to focus on writing and continue teaching. It was the best of both worlds," Silady enthused. But comics was where his heart was really at; with several stories already written, a meeting with the first two winners of the The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics inspired Matt to take a chance at drawing his own book. "When I complained about having trouble finding an artist, they just looked at me and said, 'So what? Go figure the art out for yourself!'" So, he did. Using photos as reference, he self-published the first chapter of THE HOMELESS CHANNEL just in time for the 2005 Alternative Press Expo.

"I asked everyone I knew to pose for photos and act out the parts of the characters. Colleagues, cousins, parents, friends, even my girlfriend's boss played a role," said Silady. The end result is a graphic novel that explores the complicated relationship that society has with its responsibilities to its families, its communities, and, really, to ourselves. "While THE HOMELESS CHANNEL does explore social issues, I hope readers see that it's as much about the characters as anything else. More than anything, I want to write stories that I haven't seen in comic book form before. It's not diversity for the sake of diversity; I just love walking into a comic shop and finding something I wasn't expecting. AiT seems to have a special knack for that."

THE HOMELESS CHANNEL is available nationwide beginning in May.

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