The Holy See gets unholy in 'Roman Ritual'

Exorcism has long been staple of horror fiction, whether film, television, comics or prose. But two Spanish creators are dialing up  turning it up a notch by showing a person in need of an exorcism who lives at the Vatican. That's right, the pope is possessed.

Debuting next week from Amigo Comics, Roman Ritual is a four-issue miniseries by El Torres and Jaime Martinez that sees self-exiled Catholic priest John Brennan summoned to Rome when the Pope becomes possessed. It's certainly a provocative premise, and Torres and Martinez don't shy away from it.

Torres is a veteran of the European comics scene, and in recent years has expanded to America with several horror comics released through IDW Publishing. Now with his own company Amigo, Torres publishing a range of genre titles from Spanish creators.

Here's a sample of Roman Ritual #1:

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