The History Of Max Payne Revealed In Marvel, Rockstar's "After the Fall"

For years, Max Payne's history has been shrouded in mystery, but on Friday, May 4, Rockstar Games and Marvel Comics teamed-up to release the first of three digital-only comics that will flesh out the secret past of the popular gun-toting video game character.

"Max Payne 3: After the Fall" is a three-part digital graphic novel written by Dan Houser (VP of Creative, Rockstar Games) and Sam Lake (one of the main writers of the Max Payne games) with art by Fernando Blanco and Greg Horn covers. The storyline features characters from all three of developer Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne games, looking at the noir-based world of the titular ex-NYPD police officer, combining events from throughout his life to reveal a picture that shows previously untold facts about the character.

Rockstar and Marvel have provided CBR with an exclusive look at the process behind Blanco's artwork, sharing a page from the comic in its thumbnailed and pre-colored form.

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