<i>The Hangover's </i> Todd Phillips May Jump to Drama With <i>The Gambler</i>

Todd Phillips has directed some of the biggest comedies of the past decade, from Road Trip to Old School to the Hangover franchise. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's now looking to move into drama.

The project in question is the Paramount Pictures remake of The Gambler, the 1974 crime film that starred James Caan as a literature professor whose gambling problem gets him in deep with the mob. Martin Scorsese originally was going to direct, but dropped out.

The remake was written by William Monahan, who worked with Scorsese on The Departed, and will be produced by Irwin Winkler, who was a producer of the original film. Before getting serious, though, Phillips still has The Hangover Part III, which starts shooting in September.

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