<i>The Hangover</i> Director Branching Out Into the World of Thrillers

A lot of times, Hollywood likes to pigeonhole creative types. If you've made money with action flicks, studios don't want to take the risk on seeing what your dramas look like. Unless you make the studios a LOT of money, which seems to be the case with Todd Phillips and Warner Bros.

After grossing more than a billion dollars for Warner Bros. with The Hangover and its sequel, the studio looks a bit more lenient in letting Phillips out of the box. In addition to working on a remake of The Gambler for Paramount, he's also getting in on the thriller game. Variety reports that Phillips' production company Green Hat Films scored the rights to adapt Linwood Barclay's 2012 novel Trust Your Eyes.

According to the Amazon description, Trust Your Eyes follows schizophrenic Thomas Kilbride as his map obsession leads him to discover a real-life murder captured on a website. Thomas convinces his caretaker brother Ray to look into it and he winds up uncovering a much larger conspiracy.

It's unclear exactly how involved Phillips will be in the making of the film or how quickly it will go into production.

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