The Hall of Doom is one step closer to reality

As cool as the Hall of Justice was on Challenge of the Super Friends, it paled in comparison to the Hall of Doom, the headquarters of the Legion of Doom that bore more than a passing resemblance to Darth Vader's helmet. Oh, sure, its primary location in Slaughter Swamp left a lot to be desired, but the Hall of Doom was mobile: It rise out of the murky water, float along its surface and even soar through the air.

And now, after all of these years, one designer has come up with a concept for what's effectively a floating Hall of Doom. OK, it's a futuristic super-yacht for incredibly wealthy people (and likely supervillains), but it's basically the same thing.

Dubbed the Tetrahedron, U.K. designer Jonathan Schwinge's concept sits upon a vertical strut that's attached to a submerged torpedo hull. When it's stationary or at slow speed, the Tetrahedron rests on the water like any ordinary ... multi-level, pyramid-shaped yacht. But at high speed, it rises out of the water and appears to be levitating.

Referring to "aviation on the high sea," Schwinge explains the Hall of Doom super-yacht would feature an autopilot "fly-by-light" system like that used by the aviation industry; the ship could make adjustments for pitch, roll and heave. Presumably laser weapons and time-travel modifications would be included.

The Tetrahedron is probably a long way from making its maiden voyage in Slaughter Swamp (or on the high seas, whichever), we suggest Schwinge get in touch with Lex Luthor and Brainiac for financing and technical advice.

(via Hi Consumption)

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