The Guide to Album Covers by Comic Book Artists 1/22/11

Here's the deal - the end goal is to get the ultimate guide to albums covers drawn by comic book artists. Every Saturday, I'll post ten album covers by comic book artists.

I'll add these ten to the master list (which you can find here).

What you do is that you e-mail me albums (at bcronin@comicbookresources.com) that you'd like me to feature, and I'll keep adding them until we have THE ultimate guide to album covers drawn by comic book artists!

Here are the next ten albums!


Soooo many people sent in suggestions that I really don't have the time to detail who suggested what. Feel free to note in the comments section if a particular album cover was suggested by you!

Do note that I'm not counting covers where the comic book artist just did, say, the logo or just designed the cover.

Alphabetical by Artist, then Chronological by Album

Allred, Michael

The Gear, Son of Red Rocket 7 (1998)

Bagge, Peter

George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Haircut (1993)

Burns, Charles

Various Artists, Sub-pop 200 (1988)

Chaykin, Howard

The Hood, Cooler Than Thou (1987)

Collins, Mike

ShyFX and T-Power, Set it Off (2002)

(Mike was nice enough to send in this cover himself)

Gibbons, Dave

Kula Shaker, K (1994)

Jusko, Joe

Overlord X, X Versus the World (1990)

Sienkiewicz, Bill

Bruce Cockburn, The Charity of Night (1996)

Texeira, Mark

Public Enemy, Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age (1994)

Windsor-Smith, Barry

The Byrds, Preflyte (1973 Columbia re-issue)

So get suggesting!

Send your ideas (and if you have jpegs, send them, too!) to bcronin@comicbookresources.com

Also, if you have better quality JPEGs than the ones I'm using, feel free to send them in (like if I only have a small image, for instance).

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