DC's First Ever [REDACTED] Lantern May Lead to a New Corps' Creation

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Green Lantern #1 by Grant Morrison, Liam Sharpe and Steve Oliff, on sale now.

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe's The Green Lantern gives Hal Jordan a fresh start and new mission. Living on Earth, he keeps a low profile before the Guardians of the Universe summon him to New Oa in order to investigate a mysterious prisoner who escaped custody. This is a different Green Lantern Corps than we have seen in recent years, as they are portrayed as a true police force, rather than a military unit.

As the first issue comes to a close, we learn the identity of the escaped prisoner, and why he is so dangerous. This new, yet familiar enemy is the Antimatter Lantern, and he represents the start of a new cosmic adventure. But who is he, and what will happen next?

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The Antimatter Lantern Stands Revealed

The issue starts out with the introduction of Maxim Tox, the Green Lantern of Sector 2018.2. Unfortunately, he soon meets his end when he comes up against an unknown assailant composed of antimatter. First introduced in Green Lantern comics back in 1960, the Antimatter Universe has a longstanding connection with the GLC, and anything related to it is never a good thing for the DC Universe at large.

By the end of the issue, we see that this mysterious Antimatter Lantern has been captured by the Blackstars (a group seemingly related to, but separate from, the Darkstars), who are about to remove the character's heart. We don't yet know what this Lantern's abilities are, or if he has his own ring, but it's clear that this is the Antimatter Universe equivalent of Hal Jordan.

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Given the yellow and black uniform he wears, it is clear that Morrison and Sharpe are pulling from the depths of Green Lantern lore. Yellow has always been the color of opposition to green, representing fear instead of willpower. It wouldn't be surprising, then, to learn that this Antimatter Lantern harnesses the power of fear, much as the Green Lanterns must overcome it.

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