The Green Lantern: Hal Jordan is Parallax Again... Sort Of

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Green Lantern #5 by Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp, Steve Oliff and Tom Orzechowski, on sale now.

Something is going on with Hal Jordan. He killed a criminal in cold blood, an offense that should have been enough to get him locked away. However, the Green Lantern has gone on the run. Now he's courting the very enemy that threatens to rival his own organization -- the Blackstars.

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In The Green Lantern #5, Hal is recruited by the enemy and takes back a familiar mantle he once used in his supervillain days. It would seem that Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp are setting Hal up for a big fall, except for the fact that not everything is how it appears to be.

A Hero Gone Rogue... Again

Hal Jordan has been recruited by Countess Belzebeth, a leader within the Blackstars organization. She takes him to the vampire world of Vorr, where he is tasked with gathering his Blackstar equipment before he can be considered a full-fledged member. By the end of the issue, he has gathered his visor, gauntlets and mantle to take his place in the group.

Adopting the name Parallax, Hal Jordan has seemingly joined the dark side. Green Lantern fans will understand the importance of this name and how dangerous it is for him to start using it again. That is, except for the fact that it is a lie. It is then revealed that this is all going according to the Guardians' plans. Hal was, in fact, tasked with infiltrating the Blackstars, becoming a member and gaining access to their leader, Controller Mu.

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That means the unsanctioned murder that Hal committed several issues ago was actually done on purpose, to set everything into place. His escape from justice was also part of the plan. The Guardians needed the universe to believe that he had truly gone rogue to gain the trust of the Blackstars.

Hal may be Parallax again, but it is under the most noble of intentions, and now he has the bad guys exactly where he wants them. Or does he?

But Can He Follow Through?

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Everything seems to be going according to plan for Hal, until Belzebeth surprises him with a final test of his loyalty to the organization. Back on the planet Rann, the Blackstars have taken Adam Strange hostage, and now the undercover Green Lantern has been asked to execute their prisoner. Will he go through with it? Can he go through with it?

Hal Jordan may have already killed Volgar Ro in cold blood, but he was just a criminal slaver. Adam Strange, on the other hand, is not just the hero of Rann, but also a known associate of the Justice League on Earth. Strange knows Hal, he even recognizes him, believing he is there to save the day. It's hard to see how the situation can be diffused amicably.

As things stand, Adam Strange needs to die for the Green Lanterns to save the universe. If Hal kills his friend, he cements himself in the Blackstars and gets access to Controller Mu. However, if this happens and the Justice League learns what happened, there's no way the heroes of Earth won't come after their friend.

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Hal Jordan has a way of willing himself through the most difficult of situations, but it's hard to see how this can work out for everyone involved. Either Adam Strange dies or the Green Lanterns lose their best chance at saving the universe.

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