The Green Hornet: Parallel Lives TPB

Story by
Art by
Nigel Raynor
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Their lives were tied together before they ever met! In Green Hornet: Parallel Lives, we explore the backstory of The Green Hornet with Kato and Britt before they ever met. See the life of Kato growing up in Shanghai and Los Angeles. How did Kato learn gadgets, how to fight, how to drive, how to make sleep gas, and how did he get to the United States? See every moment as an inventor, a street fighter, a street racer, a chemist, and a stuntman combine. See how actions across the Pacific would shape the lives of two men destined for crimefighting greatness in this prequel to the highly anticipated 3D film.

Reprinting issues 1-5 of the hit series by Jai Nitz and Nigel Raynor and featuring all of the covers by Paul Renaud!

"Green Hornet: Parallel Lives is a fun comic." - aintitcool.com

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