<i>The Green Hornet</i> Co-Writer Talks Sequel, Gondry Hiring

The Green Hornet is out this Friday, and it's good. Really good. Put aside your Seth Rogen burnout, your comic book franchise burnout (GH is technically a product of the radio), your wariness of any movie released between January 1 and mid-April -- The Green Hornet is successful in a way that defies both expectations and logic. It's a blockbuster action-comedy released in January. That's not supposed to be a good thing.

It is though, and that fact is thanks in large part to the efforts of director Michel Gondry, taking his first crack at a big-budget Hollywood genre story after impressing the hell out of fans of Fine Film with his work on stuff like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you saw the news way back when that Gondry had been hired to direct and remember thinking "What the hell?!" you are not alone. Sony expressed serious reservations about bringing the filmmaker on when his name was first floated, according to Hornet co-writer Evan Goldberg in an interview with The Playlist.

“They definitely needed convincing. And he convinced the hell of out them with a fight sequence he brought in,” Goldberg said. Gondry's work on the fight sequences in The Green Hornet is one of the things in the movie that stands out ahead of just about everything else. His realization of Kato-Vision -- how Hornet sidekick Kato (Jay Chou) perceives the world just before he kicks some ass -- feels pulled straight from a top-shelf video game. "None of us had ever seen anything like it," Goldberg continued. "And he said, 'You know what I can do. I’m going to prove to you that I can do things you might not think I can.' And it worked. They literally said, 'Michel Gondry? Never.' And he came in and blew everyone’s mind away, showing he could do action."

Goldberg also 'fessed up that there's already been talk of a sequel. In all honesty, there is always talk of a sequel prior to the release of a movie like this. Most will swear up and down that there isn't, that it's premature to discuss such things before the box office has been counted -- and they're right in that regard at least -- but discussions happen. Instead of doing the usual runaround, Goldberg decided to get Real.

"You don’t make a movie like this without considering the sequel," he said. See? What did I tell you? "Yeah, we have the whole plot planned out, which is kind of what we would have done in the first place." Seeing more from the team assembled for Green Hornet is a pretty exciting prospect. Here's hoping they all stick around for a round two, and that the box office justifies their getting back into the ring in the first place.

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