The Greatest Two-Face Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Two-Face Stories Ever Told!


10. "Untitled" Secret Origins Special #1

Harvey Dent's ex-wife Grace tells an interviewer about the time that Harvey fought the control of his obsession with his coin-flipping to save her from a criminal Harvey had put away back in his District Attorney days. Mark Verheiden wrote it, Pat Broderick and Dick Giordano drew it. How the heck did they miss giving the story a title?

9. Two-Face: Crime and Punishments OGN

Working in an area quite familiar to readers of his past work, J.M. DeMatteis does a great job exploring Harvey Dent's childhood with his abusive father. Scott McDaniel did the artwork.

8. "Lucky Day" Batman: Gotham Adventures #2

Harvey's abusive father Lester wins the lottery ($2.2 million, of course). As he accepts his winnings on live television, Two-Face shows up to let the whole world know the truth about his father (as well as ruin his father's lucky day). Ty Templeton wrote it and Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty drew it.

7. Batman: Dark Victory #1-13

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale depict the early days of Harvey as Two-Face in this sequel to the Long Halloween.

6. "Faces" Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30

In this storyline by Matt Wagner, Two-Face decides to form a whole new COUNTRY filled with "freaks" like him. It does not go well.

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