The Greatest Tom DeFalco Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Tom DeFalco Stories Ever Told!


10. "The Challenge of Hobgoblin!" Amazing Spider-Man #259-261

After finishing Roger Stern's last Hobgoblin arc when he took over Amazing Spider-Man, this three-parter gave DeFalco the chance to first put his own spin on the villain. DeFalco teamed the Hobgoblin with the mysterious Rose and brought Harry Osborn into it, with Harry's Goblin legacy bringing problems upon his wife and their unborn son. Meanwhile, Peter is still reeling from the revelation that Mary Jane Watson knows that he Spider-Man and has known for quite some time! Ron Frenz drew these issues with a couple of different inkers.

9. "Legacy" Spider-Girl #0-5

This is the introduction to the world of May Parker. It includes the reprinted What If...? #105 now as Spider-Girl #0. DeFalco and artists Pat Olliffe and Al Williamson (as well as the initial artists for the title, Ron Frenz and Bill Sienkiewicz)

8. "The Storm and the Sacrifice!" Thunderstrike #22-24

The story of Eric Masterson comes to a close in this dramatic story arc that answers all the unresolved questions in Thunderstrike's world (most notably "Who is BlackAxe?"). Eric Masterson always stood out in his ability to be heroic when he was just a mortal in a world of gods and this final story shows him holding his own with the most worthy warriors Thor has ever known. The art is by Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom.

7. "Visiting Hours!" Marvel Two-in-One #96

The Thing has saved the planet but not without being beaten so badly that he cannot leave his hospital bed. The news that the hero is all alone in a hospital without the ability to move brings out all of Thing's worst enemies. The heroes of the Marvel Universe, though, are determined that the Thing gets his due rest. One villain, though, manages to sneak in. What will he do to the Thing?! Art by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito.

6. "The Kaine Saga" Spider-Girl #14-17

May Parker's life as Spider-Girl, while dangerous, always seemed like she was in command of the situation, especially with her father giving her training (a condition of her being allowed to continue to be Spider-Girl). However, when she encounters the man named Kaine, all bets are off. Kaine handles her so easily that it throws her confidence off for the next few issues before Kaine returns, only this time her father must come out of retirement to deal with him. By the end of the issue, though, May essentially silences anyone's doubts about her capabilities (including her own). Pat Olliffe and Al Williamson provide the art.

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