The Greatest Thor Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Thor Stories Ever Told!


10. Thor #355 "The Icy Hearts"

This story by Walt Simonson and guest artist Sal Buscema shows Thor dealing with the seeming death of Odin during a stay with an old man who has an unknown connection to Thor. Simonson's way of slowing bringing Thor out of his funk over his father's death works quite well.

9. Thor #154-157 "Thor vs. Mangog"

This classic Jack Kirby/Stan Lee story arc pits Thor and Odin against the Mangog, a villain who blames Odin for the death of the alien race who fed him energy through their hatred. Almost pulled the Odin-Sword out of its scabbard, which would have caused the end of Asgard.

8. Thor Vol. 3 #1-6

This is J. Michael Stracyznski's first story arc on Thor (collected in a single collection), as Thor goes around to gather the survivors of Asgard who have each taken refuge in human bodies. This arc is particularly notable for issue #3, where Thor faces off against Iron Man over Iron Man's actions during Civil War (including a certain Thor clone).

7. Thor Vol. 2 #80-85 "Thor Disassembled"

Michael Avon Oeming and Daniel Berman along with artist Andrea DiVito end the Thor series (and retire the characters of Asgard for a few years) by having Ragnarok actually HAPPEN!

6. The Eteranls/Celestials Saga

Begun by Roy Thomas before he left for DC, this epic tale was finished by Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio (all three men worked with Keith Pollard as the artist, while the story began with John Buscema as the artist). It was Thomas' attempt to bring Jack Kirby's Eternals characters (as well as the Celestials) firmly into the Marvel Universe.

5. Frog of Thunder

Really, it's just what it looks like.

Drawn beautifully by Walt Simonson, who also wrote it.

4. Hela's Curse/Thor vs. the Midgard Serpent

This was the conclusion to Walt Simonson's run on Thor and it involved an epic battle between Thor and the Midgard Serpent!

3. Skurge's Last Stand

This storyline involves Thor going to Hel to save some innocent humans. Skurge the Executioner goes with him and Skurge ends up staying behind to hold off a bridge while Thor and the others get away. Skurge's Last Stand is one of the most memorable single issues of Thor ever.

Walt Simonson wrote and drew it.

2. The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

This is the beginning of Walt Simonson's legendary run on Thor and it was also the first appearance of the alien Beta Ray Bill, who was ALSO worthy to lift Thor's hammer!

1. The Surtur Saga

Almost from the start of his run, Simonson was building to this epic battle that resulted in Thor, Loki and Odin putting aside their difference to take down a common enemy - the evil Surtur!

In the end, Odin was thought to be lost for good. Simonson did some of his most epic storytelling during this story arc.

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